Teddy’s Scouting Journey A story in pictures

In the beginning...

Teddy has a great Scouting role model in his older brother, Arthur.

There is always room for dessert at a Court of Honor.

Scouts are helpful, even before they are Scouts.

Anyone remember this track? Teddy gets a taste of what's to come as he demos Derby races at the Gorham Marketplace!

The Cub Scout years
Hiking on Bald Pate with Pack 85. Hiking becomes an important part of Teddy's Scouting life.
All of the Lockman boys go to winter camp.

Arthur crosses over to Troop 73...

...and becomes Teddy's Boy Scout role model.


Ensuring perfect placement on the track

Teddy helped Zeke make his first car, "Bus bus."


Teddy earns the Good Sportsmanship award. This is a theme that repeats itself in all that he does.

Teddy knew how to make a fast car, too.

One year, he even made it to the District Derby!

And he knows how to sell popcorn.

Crossing Over to Troop 73

Camping and Outdoors

Teddy finds interesting things wherever he goes.

Leaving for the Allagash

On the Allagash

Returning from the Allagash

Dave from LL Bean (not Uncle Dave!) ensures a proper fit

Magic. 'nuf said.




The path to Eagle is long, and it ends with the Service Project.

Thanks to Lowe's and Aubuchon Hardware in Windham for their generous support of the project.

Scouts can't use power tools, but Bill Benson can!

Work days begin.

There's a lot of material to prime...

...and to paint. Pink is the color of FIRST Team 172 Northern Force, Teddy's robotics team. The project is a cabinet that will organize Lego robotics components in Falmouth Elementary School. The pink color is a subtle cue to encourage the students to join the team when they get to high school.

Today's Tom Sawyer.

Measure twice. Cut once.

Looking good, Teddy!

Final touch up.

Out the door to Falmouth Elementary School!

When we arrived, we discovered that the site had changed: now, there were brackets and legs under the tables, which weren't there in the spring. Teddy did some quick engineering to preserve the existing table tops and attach them to the cabinets.

Setting the table tops in place.

Affixing the electrical power strip to the underside of the cabinet so that the robot charging cords stay out of the way and safe.

Thank you to all of the donors, volunteers and supporters!

Ready for service with Mr. Harvey's robotics class.

Congratulations, Teddy! We're all very proud of you!


James Lockman, Rori Lockman, Theodore Lockman, Arthur Lockman, Brenda Orach and others.

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