Plate Boundaries Anna harrison

Convergent Boundaries move toward each other. The stress amongst the plate boundaries is compressional stress.

The convergent motion in the plates form earthquakes and volcanoes.

Mt. Kelut erupted on May 19th, 1919. 5,110 people were killed, ash and water were spread, and villages were destroyed.

Divergent Boundary plates move apart from each other. Stress type is tension.

The divergent plate movement causes earthquakes, volcanoes and faults.

In 1883, Mt. Krakatoa erupted a killed 36,000 people. The eruption destroyed most of the island.

Transform boundary plates slide past each other. Shear stress occurs.

Transform boundary plate movement causes earthquakes and faulting.

August 17, 1990, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 in Izmit Turkey killed several hundred people and destroyed many towns.


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