Best Memories of 2020 By Scarlett London, Arista Luong and Maggie Wolf

2020 has been a hard year for all of us. Many of us haven’t hugged our friends, or seen our families in months. But through every hard time, people work to find the good.


“The best part of 2020 was definitely getting another dog. His name is Milo. He’s super sweet and slept on me the whole way home when we picked him up. He has gotten more comfortable with being in our home and has developed a “big dog in a little dog’s body” mindset. Our other dog, Phoebe, has yet to totally be comfortable with him in our family, but they’re getting along a lot better now than they were back in August!”


"This summer, my family expanded our quarantine bubble to fit my grandparents, a friend of my sister’s, and a friend of mine, so that we could go up to a family cottage in rural Wisconsin for vacation. Over the two weeks we spent there, the four teenagers—my friend, my sister’s friend, my sister and I—got very close. We would stay up later than everyone else, eating snacks and playing sleepover games in the living room. One night, we all went outside and looked up at the stars and the moon, not really saying much, just looking. I don’t think anything is perfect, but that moment was about as close as you can get."


"I took a bike ride around the city by myself, which is something I used to do more. It was one of a few times during the year that I remembered that if I lost everyone and everything, I would probably be ok by myself. Spending time alone but also seeing all the places outside is really grounding for me."


"This was a moment before Covid, when my mom said I could go hangout and take photos with my friends Mia and Lydie. I ended up walking downtown to meet up with them. It was a 20-30 minute walk. The air was a little bit chilly, and I just really enjoyed my own company, listening to music as I walked. After we met up, I remember going into one of the art museums downtown to warm up. I love looking at art and just being able to enjoy time with my friends. Spending time in a museum was so regular at the time but looking back on it, it’s something that I definitely took for granted."

Lily Sickman Garner

“Towards the beginning of quarantine I was baking a lot. It was really weird in March and April to have so much time to myself, and even though I really missed school and everything it was nice to be able to pause for a little bit. These are some cupcakes I made back in early April.”

Sylva Das

“Right before school started I went camping with my family and our family friends at sleeping bear dunes, and it was the first thing since the pandemic started that felt a little bit normal because it is a tradition that we do every year at the same place and usually even the same campsite. It was just so refreshing to not only be outside everyday either swimming in Lake Michigan or going biking or climbing the dunes but it was also comforting because it felt like a reminder that things were going to be ok and would get better.”


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