The candidate that I would like to officially endorse is Ayana Williams. She is the best candidate due to her confidence and determining state of mind set she has. As I interviewed her campaign manager, and the candidate herself, I noticed how professional and serious they were. It seems as if Ayana is looking for the best interest of the students rather than gaining a positive image that will only glorify her. For example, one of the journalists asks, “How is your campaign responding to the new cell phone policy?” Tanighya, Ayana’s running mate, states “They do not feel like the student should be expelled. The student’s punishments are up to the teachers with one on one tutoring or detention. Another option is to give them a zero for the entire day. Happens more than once, then admin would be involved.” I specifically think this is an important and an appropriate solution because not only is it seen in a students’ point of view, but it also focuses on the policy by getting administrators involved if the situation occurs more than once. That seems more of a compromise rather than just focusing on the students or only focusing on the adults. In addition, I find it very considerate how Ayana thinks about the families who aren’t as wealthy and would have a difficult time financially when it comes to the “Pay to Play” policy. A child should not have to pay in order to be a part of something that they love and are dedicated to.

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