Teddy milholhlan Digital ctizenship

Just like how the naked mole rats are then most important thing created the golden rule is important. Ask yourself you would say it in real life.

Just like how this guy should not brag how he is famous you shouldnt brag.

just like how this is too much info to share you have this you shouldn't tell people, they don't care.

you want to think about what you post and if it will hurt the person your talking about.

keep relationships to yourself, no one cares who your dating.

Don't be cryptic because if your not gonna share the whole thing then don't share it at all

stop complaining.. no one cares about your personal problem

Dont post pictures that are bad and you wouldn't what your grandma to see.

Change your settings to private so you have no one lurking.

post smart so you cant't ge tin troun;bl


Created with images by *_* - "Naked mole rats @ Ueno Zoo" • Matthew Straubmuller - "Riley Cooper pointing at his shadow on the field" • Hans - "rash red inflamed" • Pexels - "call iphone log in" • cherylholt - "best friends girls friendship" • Abulic Monkey - "Cryptic" • aturkus - "Stop complaining." • bebal - "Bad" • tomasland - "iPhone Settings Screenshot" • pixelcreatures - "heart castle love"

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