Ranthambore Trip Rina hamanishi 5Go

The Ranthambhore trip was the best trip I've ever had in school. I am going to talk about my highlights, low points and the animals I saw on this trip.

My highlights are that I got to see Machli’s granddaughter and one other male tiger. Sadly, I couldn't take the picture of that tiger because my camera has died out and I did not have the charger and so did everyone else. I don't remember which one it was, but one of them, I saw it behind the bushes and it was a little hard to see. And the another one, I saw it like 1 meter close and I couldn't believe how nice to see a tiger that close. It's face looked a little creepy but I was really glad to just see it so close. And I saw all those 2 tigers on safari 2.

I also saw crocodiles, kingfisher, monkeys, sambar deers, and tons of spotted deers.

This trip was not only fun for seeing wild animals, it was also for enjoying with other friends and at the hotel. I played badminton outside, and it was fun because we had a match of girls vs boys. Sometimes girls just played badminton and the boys played soccer. The breakfast, lunch, and the dinner was really yummy, and I liked nan the most.

But I really liked the room, the bed and sofa was comfortable, and I really liked how there was a refrigerator, because me and Jessica (my roommate) got to put our chocolate inside, but some of the other rooms didn't have those :P

The low thing about the trip was that there were no warm water in the shower, so me and my roommate Jessica had to dump out head inside the filled cold water and plus, there was a bathtub, but there was no certain!! I was really feeling tuff for taking shower, so I took only shower once. And so did my friend Jessica.

The another low thing about this trip was that on the train, it was too smelly from the bathroom and also a little too uncomfortable to sleep on that seat. I tried the bathroom because I had to go, but it was soooo smelly and I just held my breath all the time. And also that my camera died when there was literally the tiger right spin front of me, so that was another low point, but I would say that was my fault.

The activity was fun, because I knew I liked art, and I chose art which was a good potion. For the art, me and Jessica were hurrying to the cantor for the activities, and when we were out of the hotel, we saw all the 5th graders on the cantor ready for the different activities. We ran into the cantors we're suppose to go, but there was a problem with myself.

I got on the random cantor, and I was late so I had sit on the front with the other teachers. And during the ride, I just peeked into the activity list the teacher was holding, and I noticed that my name was in the craft chart. I got so nervous because I was suppose to be in the art! I quickly told the teacher I'm suppose to be in the art, and for god sake, the craft cantor and the art cantor was at the same place. Then when I reached to the place of craft and art, I ran into the art’s place and had some fun! We drew the eye of tiger, using the edge of folded newspaper, and dabbing a little onto the black powder kind of thing.

I really enjoyed this wonderful Ranthambore trip, and what's fun is that including seeing tigers, seeing other animals, and having fun together with other friends in the class! I feel like my friendship need has got greater in Ranthambore trip! I'll hope for a great trip of WOW in 6th grade!

Thanks for watching!!!🤗

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