Syrian Civil War By: Tajia williams

Research process

This project was very challenging because it required a lot of research and time which we had very little. It was an interesting project because I've never had to think about the stages of war and make a web page about them. This project didn't change my outlook on revolutions as much because I already knew a little bit about them. I chose to study the Syrian civil war because I wanted to actually understand what happened because its one of the hardest ones to understand.

Incubation Stage

The incubation stage of the Syrian civil war, The people thought that the government was very horrible and the president acted like a dictator so they started to protest.The Assad family has held power in Syria since 1971. First it was Hafez al-Assad, then Bashar al-Assad. This war is being fought by soldiers who support the president of Syria and a group of fighters who are against the president and government known as the rebels many outside groups and countries are trying to help stop the war like America and Russia.

Systematic Stage

The systematic stage of the Syrian civil war began in the city of Deraa. on March 6th 2011 when children who painted anti-government graffiti were tortured and killed in detention. The protest was peaceful at first till the government responded angrily on March 18 2011 and killed four protesters. This led to public protests which spread around the country .The March 2011 Arab Spring protest and the July 2012 declaration by the international red cross committee are two very important events that lead to a full on war. People are still protesting now because they want freedom and they want the president to resign which he refused to do.

Crisis Stage

The crisis stage of the Syrian civil war, the Syrian civil war is still in the crisis stage. Events that have taken place have been The Syrian government executing up to 13,000 prisoners. Syria has took the war to another level many people use chemical weapons more than guns. thousands of children have been killed by these chemical weapons.more than 11 million people have been killed or forced to leave their homes. Families are struggling to survive inside Syria because of the war. There are thousands of different rebel group fight within the war.

Convalescence stage

The Syrian civil war has not yet hit the convalescence stage I believe they are still in the crisis stage. no one knows what will come next be we are hoping that the war will come to a peaceful end sometime soon. I don't see why they cant just get a new president. I believe that the Syrian civil war might end like the revolution. The country might get help from an outside country and win the war.

American Revolution vs. Syrian civil war

similarities between the Syrian civil war and american civil war are Colonists and Syrian both have allies that came from Europe. Colonists and Syrian both want freedom or to bring down the ruler/government because they weren't being treated fairly.British and the Syrian's both had a lot of weapons and soldiers. Colonists and Syrian's had unfair rights and weren't getting treated equally. These were/are both long wars.

differences between the two are The rebels are fighting because they have a bad president and at the time of the american revolution there was no president there was a king in Europe trying to also rule america. Another difference is of course the time difference and the american revolution is over and the Syrian civil war is on going.

What makes Syria a world wide issue?



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