Desert Mirage student, Saundra Galindo, is the Be Kind People Project's National Writing Contest Winner! In her essay, Saundra explains "Why We Should Be a Kind Nation."

Desert Mirage student, Saundra Galindo, has won the Be Kind People Project's National Writing Contest with her essay "Why We Should be a Kind Nation." On Tuesday, January 17, the Be Kind Crew paid Saundra a visit and surprised her with a certificate that recognized her achievement.

The topic of the contest was "Why Kindness is Good for America" and Saundra's writing was powerfully based on real observations of kindness. You will find her winning essay below.

Why We Should be a Kind Nation by Saundra Galindo

There are many reasons why we should be kind people. There are also some character traits that we need to have to be kind people. Of course, the effects of everyone being kind to one another will be worth it. The few effects that I have written down are, if everybody were kind people then our leaders would be better, bullying would stop, and it would lessen violence.

The first reason why we should be a kind nation is, it would make our leaders better. "Kindness can take effort" (Naomi Karten). Responsible leaders take effort to show kindness by encouraging and caring for the success of others around them. A real life example of someone being a responsible leader is when I witnessed a team member in track and field practice run an extra lap to help someone who was having a hard time finishing.

Equally important, kindness would end physical, social, verbal, and cyber bullying. It is important to show the "be kind" trait of being a friend because "1 in 3 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school" (American SPCC). One real life example of being a friend is when my classmate invited a person being bullied to sit with them at lunch.

Finally, the last reason why everyone should be kind is, it would lessen violence nearly to a halt. By following the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," the need for violence wouldn't be necessary (Bill Puka). An example from real life is when my dad and I went to get dinner from a restaurant. We waited for about a half hour for our food. My dad got angry but decided to talk to the manager instead of yelling and walking out.

In conclusion, if everybody were kind, it would have many positive effects. A very few of these effects would be, if everybody were kind it would lessen violence, make leaders better, and it would end bullying. The world would be such a better place if everybody were kind people.


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