Adobe Premiere Rush Professional Learning Kit


Video is a fantastic medium for telling stories and sharing information. It’s engaging, immediate and fun, and has the potential to enrich your curriculum and help your students engage with any topic. But video doesn’t just mean big-budget productions - in the age of the mobile phone, it’s never been so quick and easy to get started with video at any level and on any budget.

We’ve got everything you need to bring Adobe Premiere Rush to your teachers and students in your school community. This professional learning kit will support you in facilitating a one to two hour professional development (PD) workshop with resources for sustained learning and creating. Let’s get started!

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to educator PD. Indeed, we’ve conducted hundreds of Adobe Premiere Rush PD workshops over thousands of hours in locations all over the world, and no two sessions are ever exactly the same. As such, this kit should be thought of as a starting point, a proven foundation based on our own experiences to date. Feel free to use the plan, agenda, and supporting resources as provided, or build-on and adapt them to suit your own needs.

Save time planning professional development sessions with our Professional Learning Kits

We know how time-consuming planning professional development can be, so we’ve created this kit to help you. The goal is for you to spend your time training, not planning. Furthermore, we’ve given you a series of materials that you can share directly with your participants, or to adapt into your own personalized handouts.

What would you rather be doing? The list is endless. Save time with our Professional Learning Kits and make more time for yourself.

Unpacking the Professional Learning Kit

Professional Learning Kit Contents:

Workshop Checklist

This PD workshop is designed to be a highly interactive and hands-on experience. This printable checklist includes important notes and guidance to keep in mind as you plan your event. You can view our sample checklist here:

Or you can create your own editable copy:

Workshop Slide Deck

We’ve prepared an editable slide deck for you to use for your workshop. You can view the sample slide deck here:

Or you can create your own copy of these slides, so feel free to customize them - add, delete and make them your own!

Workshop Facilitator Guide

This facilitator guide shows side-by-side comparisons of the slides and presenter notes in the slide deck, so you can easily reference both before or during a session. You can view our sample facilitator guide here:

Or create your own editable copy here:

Workshop Invitation

Once you have your day and time locked in for your workshop, you can email this editable invitation to your participants. Be sure to change the date and time before sharing it! You can create your own remixable copy of our sample invitation here:

Workshop Agenda

Email this editable agenda to your participants the day before the workshop. Be sure to change the date and time before sharing it! You can create your own remixable copy of our sample agenda here.

Getting Started Handout

If Adobe Premiere Express is new to your participants, we’ve created a handy one-page handout to help you get everyone set up at the start of a session. You can view our sample handout here:

Or create your own editable copy here:

Follow Up Emails

Follow-up with participants on the day of the workshop, the day after, a week after, and a month after with these pre-written email messages! You can view a document containing our sample emails here:

Or create your own editable copy here:

It's time for your PD workshop!

Stay Connected!

Congratulations! We cannot wait to hear how your workshop went. We are here to support sustained learning for you, your teachers, and your students.

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