chemical reactions in architecture (how to keep metals from rusting outside)

1)this chemical reaction occurs in architectural business you can see this when metals are exposed to oxygen and water for a long period of time eventually the metal will start to rust and fall apart. 2)during the chemical reaction the air moisture gets to the iron oxide and the reaction is the iron turns red and forms an oxide. 3)the purpose of this reaction is a negative effect and what it does is it effects the architectural structure such as effecting the structural balance of a building. 4) the equation to metal rusting is nH2O, iron(III) oxide-hydroxide (FeO(OH), Fe(OH.A balanced chemical reaction for meal rusting is (Fe2O3).the type of reaction (5 the hazards of metal rusting can cause structural damage decomposition of metals
this is a example of exposed metal and over time when water and air touch it in starts to rust and decompose and the metal turns red and then rapidly spreads to all of the metal


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