Birmingham Discovering nature

Our new destination: Birmingham! Being fans of nature, we decided we would go there planning on discovering the breathtaking landscapes of United Kingdom, mostly Birmingham. After many researches to make sure we would visit that place's must-see and that our trip would be perfect, here's the final detailed plan of our trip. It was awesome!

Birmingham is located in England, UK.

Our flight

We decided to look for a round trip flight that wasn't expensive since we had a restricted budget of $4000 CAD. On the cheapflight site, we found a flight that would cost us in total $1,698 CAD which was affordable for our restrictions.

As you can see, on our way to Birmingham, we stopped in 2 places which are Newark, NJ (USA) and Dublin (Ireland).
On our way back to Montreal, we had only one stop which was in Zürich (Switzerland).

Where we stayed

We rented a room in an AirBNB house for the price of $70 CAD per night. For 6 nights, it cost us $420 CAD since we spent our first night in the plane.

To transport ourselves

To make sure we would maximize our time in Birmingham, we decided to both take a bus pass for a week so we wouldn't have to walk or spend too much money on cabs and Ubers.

For each of us, it cost $24,56 CAD to get a week bus pass. In total, it cost us $49,12 CAD.

Day 1

May 7th

Since our flight to go to Birmingham was pretty long because of the two stops we made, we spent our first day in the plane. We only arrived in United Kingdom the second day which was May 8th. Also, during that day, we ate in the plane so the food didn't cost us anything.

Day 2

May 8th

During our flight, we stopped in 2 different places before getting to Birmingham, so here are pictures of those places which are Newark and Dublin. Also, since we arrived in the middle of the afternoon, we didn't plan a lot of activities. In fact, we only did a guided bus tour to visit the city and get more information about the place we were staying at.

The guided bus tour was $17,34 CAD per person so it cost us $34,68 CAD.

For dinner that day, we ate at Asha's. It is a contemporary Indian style restaurant that won many awards. Also, before our trip, after looking at the menu on Internet, we planned approximately $35 CAD each to eat there.

Day 3

May 9th

To start our second day, we did zip wire at Ackers Adventure. We thought it would be a great activity to get to see the beautiful landscapes of Birmingham as well as trying a kind of activity we had never done before and get out of our comfort zone. We were right about that, it was literally an adventure we will never forget!

Our Zip wire activity cost £105 for each of us. In total, it cost us $304,03 CAD.

For lunch, we decided to go for something simple so we went to The Warehouse Cafe. We had planned $15 CAD each to eat there.

In the middle of the afternoon, we got to the Hatchford Brook Golf Club to experience golfing in another country. Who knew, they could have played a whole lot different kind of golf in Birmingham! We also decided to eat dinner on the site and we spent approximately $15 CAD each to eat there. To end our day in the best way possible, we went back golfing under the magnificent sunset, but this time, with British friends we had met during dinner.

For our afternoon and evening in the Hatchford Brook Golf Club, it cost us in total $23,16 CAD.

Also, we learned a lot of things about the British culture while eating dinner with our new British friends. In fact, they said that one of the traditional meals people love to eat in Birmingham is the dripping sandwiches. Those are made with pieces of white bread dipped in meat fat, cooked in a pan and then sprinkled with salt and pepper. Most people there literally love it. Also they told us about their dialects. We learned that "brummie" is the accent of Birmingham, England. It comes from a word that is an historical variant of "Birmingham". Finally, they told us about one of the weird habits of British people. Apparently, British people tend to say sorry a lot more than any other people. According to a survey, British people would say sorry between 8 to 20 times per day. That's a lot! We came back from our trip knowing a lot more about the British culture, thanks to the British golfers!

Day 4

May 10th

A trip to discover the outdoors of a country wouldn't be perfect without visiting that place's zoo and that's why we decided to spend all of our third day in the Birmingham Zoo. We had the chance to try many different attractions that were on the site of the zoo as well as interacting and discovering all the different animals on the site. There was also a special activity on that day which what the Zoolight Safari. We got the chance to visit the African animals under many beautiful colorful lights that made that experience definitely unique. For lunch, we ate on that site since we spent the day at the zoo. We had planned $10 CAD each to eat there.

To spend our day in the Birmingham zoo, we each paid £10 and another £10 to get a unlimited attractions wristband. It cost us in total $57,91 CAD.

For dinner, we stopped at the Purnell's. It is a fancy restaurant where we took a 3 courses menu for the price of £35 each. In total, including the tip, it cost us $115,82 CAD. It was expensive but definitely worth it.

Day 5

May 11th

We decided to dedicate our fourth day to the part of ourselves that loves adrenalin. In the morning we went karting to get ready for our afternoon that went by a lot faster with the Junior Ferrari Driving Experience. We thought it would be a great idea to do those activities to experience something new but also to make us aware of the dangers and risks of speed driving.

The karting activity cost £30 and the Junior Ferrari Driving Experience cost £49. In total, it cost us $228,75 CAD.

For lunch, after a great time doing karting, we went to eat at the Original Patty Men. We planned approximately $20 CAD each to eat at this restaurant.

For dinner, we ate at the Buonissimo Restaurant Birmingham, an Italian restaurant and it cost approximately $25 CAD each.

Day 6

May 12th

Since the fourth day had passed pretty fast, we decided to spend a day calmer for the fifth day. We decided to spend most of our day at the Railroad Park where we went cycling and looked at the beauty of the nature that surrounded us.

Getting access to that park was free so our day didn't cost us much.

After that great day in that park, we decided to visit some of the hidden places of Birmingham since we found several Internet pages about those places in Birmingham. We thought it would be a great idea to visit them on our own and get scared a little bit. Here are some pictures of the places we visited that evening.

Visiting the hidden places of Birmingham didn't cost anything because we were visiting the different sports mentioned on the Internet sites on our own.

During this amazing day, we ate lunch at the Ju Ju's Cafe and we both had planned $20 CAD to eat. For dinner, we went to the Annexe restaurant and it cost us both $25 CAD.

Day 7

May 13th

For our sixth day, we went paintballing at Delta Force Paintball. We thought it would be a great way to meet other tourists or even people from all around United Kingdom. It was our first paintballing experience and it was amazing. At the end of the day, we did a helicopter flight with chocolates and bubbly. It was probably mainly offered to couples but we thought it was fancy and that being really good friends we could also do it. We had the chance to see the city and its lights from the top on a beautiful spring night.

The paintball activity cost £15 per person and the helicopter flight cost £69 for two people. In total, it cost us $143,33 CAD.

For lunch, we went at the Boston Tea Party and it cost us both approximately $20 CAD. For dinner, it cost us $25 CAD at the Rico Libre Tapas.

On the right picture, you can see the Boston Tea Party restaurant where we ate for lunch and on the left picture, you can see the Rico Libre Tapas restaurant where we ate for dinner.

Day 8

May 14th

For the day before our departure, we decided to keep it simple because our flight was early the next morning and we needed to sleep and to finish packing. We stayed at the Botanical gardens of Birmingham all day long and we ate a picnic there for lunch. The scenery was wonderful. While visiting that site, we also learned a lot of things about nature and we were pretty happy about it since the purpose of our trip was to discover different landscapes and learn about nature.

An entrance to the Botanical gardens is £7,50 so for two it cost us $21,72 CAD.

For lunch, we went to a grocery store and bought some sandwiches to do a picnic on the site of the Botanical gardens and it cost us $20 CAD in total. For dinner, since it was our last meal in a Birmingham restaurant, we decided to go to the Two Cats restaurant and take the seven courses special for £49 each. It was quite expensive, in fact, it cost us approximately $141,88 CAD, but we spent an amazing evening eating a lot of good food in a fancy restaurant located in a beautiful city. During that dinner, we remembered each other the best and the funniest moments of our trip and we got really nostalgic. It was such a unique and awesome trip.

Day 9

May 15th

On our last day, we woke up pretty early since our flight back home was at 8:40 AM. This time, our flight was a bit shorter since we only had one stop instead of two, and it was in Zürich, Switzerland. Even if our trip had been amazing, we were happy to be back home since we were really tired.

The detailed budget

Round flight for two = $1,698 CAD

AirBNB home = $420 CAD

Week bus pass for two = $49,12 CAD

Day 1 for two = --------------

Day 2 for two = $104,68 CAD

Day 3 for two = $387,19 CAD

Day 4 for two = $193,73 CAD

Day 5 for two = $318,75 CAD

Day 6 for two = $90 CAD

Day 7 for two = $233,33 CAD

Day 8 for two = $183,60 CAD

Day 9 for two = --------------

Total = $3678,40 CAD

Money left = $321,60 CAD

We decided to use the money left to buy souvenirs, to give tip in the restaurants we went to and for unexpected situations we faced.

Birmingham is definitely a great place to visit for tourists and fans of nature like us. Landscapes are breathtaking.

So, where will be our next trip?

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