Catenary Road NH to grand central

On the train through the northeast corridor you see mostly the backside of America.

This is the part of the country that works, or in some cases is hidden, behind the facades of Main St. On the New Haven line to Grand Central Station, the train passes through cities like Bridgeport, Stamford and Norwalk, the salt marshes of Milford, and there are brief glimpses of the well to do in Darien and Greenwich.

Leaving New Haven bound for New York.

Thousands make this trip every day for jobs in the city. For many it is the quickest connection between Yale University, New York and onto Washington, D.C. Some skirt the New England coast in the other direction to Boston.

All along the route there are the contraptions of commerce. The catenary that powers the trains, the containers of the docks, and the cranes that perpetually build, fix and tear down.

© Dean Pagani 2018


© Dean Pagani 2018

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