"Without such love, one's dream would have no meaning."

Love does wonders. It can push you to do so much more, but that's if you truly desire it and want it with all your heart. People do things like seeking for a person; a lover, dream job, to travel, to growing because it's what they really want, it's what they would love. Then there are the people who love and care for what you want to do with yourself and that's something to boost. Love has different forms, actions, and words. Without love what could we really accomplish? We wouldn't be allowed ble to pursue our dream, to keep our heart happ y. All you really need to do is listen to your heart because our dreams are filled with hopes, desires, love, and true happiness. Love plays a lot of parts in our lives, especially our dreams.

"It is the hand that evokes love, and creates a twin soul for everyone in the world." (Page 96)

We simply all have a soulmate. A person who cares about your well-being and wants to know anything that's going on in your head. The person who you let in, letting them break all ththe walls you never thought could be broken, to let them see the whole you and even after all of it, they stay. The preparation of a soulmate is the universe's way to get you to go out to soul search, to break your heart a little bit, for you to go out and break a couple of hearts, to end up trying things you have never done before. Just so the universe can give you a piece of happiness. Your soulmate can be anyone, someone you'd hope it to be or someone you'd never expect. This world has its' ways of everything. And as all people say, things happen for a reason. You encounter people who could either be your lesson or your blessing. This world definitely has its ways, it made me find someone, someone who I never expected to be so close to my heart.

"When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it." (Page 64)

People say the world works in mysterious ways. I believe it and I think everything and everyone relies on the work of the universe. Most things come naturally or takes time, so I've been told and I believe that. After all the years of my family and I not being able to come together, we finally did. And when we did it felt natural, it felt like everything has fallen into place. That was something I've wanted all my life, to finally be able to talk and feel comfortable with each other. If it was meant to fall into place, it will by itself.

"Never stop dreaming." (Page 64)

Never stop dreaming. The most used, out-dated phrase we've all heard from everybody. Yet this quote/phrase has a deep meaning to it. We all need to follow our dreams, make our hearts happy. Chase your own personal legend. Dreams touch the heart and the mind, your dream will play out in your head, through dreaming itself or daydreaming just enough times until your heart falls in love with it. Santiago had the same recurring dream about a treasure in the pyramids of Egypt and went out his way to understand it and chase it. He encountered bumps in the road following this dream, but he didn't stop. He got his money stolen and had to work his way to the pyramids. The universe tested him with love and he left her to do what he felt was needed. And he was frustrated with his heart for a little bit, but still listened to it.

"...We don't want people to suffer because they don't follow their hearts." (Page 136)

Everyday people are suffering because they didn't go down the path they wanted to. They didn't go out to do their dream job, or chased that special person they wanted, or even neglected the person who just wanted to help them. People face different things everyday and most of them end up living the dull life they never wanted because they didn't listen to the one thing that hoped to guide them to happiness. I witnessed my best friend do something she's always wanted to do, which was going into the army. She wanted to save lives and fight for what was right. No one wanted her to go, her family wanted to drown her and make her a nurse, go to college. As soon as she turned 18 she took the world into her own hands, went down the path she wanted. I've never seen someone so happy. And there is a strong couple of words I'd like to scream to everyone which is: follow your heart. Your heart just wants to guide into happiness because that's all it wants for itself.

"Every search begins with beginner's luck. And every search with the victor's being severely tested." (Page 137)

Searching for something takes a whole process. And every once and awhile luck comes and encounters us while we are going the process. When luck come along the thing to do is grasp onto it, we need to take advantage, make the right steps. When all is going well you suddenly get struck by thunder. This is us being tested, the universe is testing our hearts and where our heads are at. You either show you can fight or end up dropping it right when it got hard. If we truly wanted something, we'd have to prove it, show for it. Just know when things get hard the universe is the one throwing storms at you, the one testing to see it all. And if you really gave up on something you claimed you "loved", you'll official figure out where your heart is.

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