Sustainable development through new curricula Puebla, mexico

PROJECT OVERVIEW: This research project focuses on the development of competencies to deliver sustainable development education (SDE) in Mexico. As such it is relevant to the Plan Nacional de Desarrollo (PND), a five-year development plan 'to make scientific, technological and innovation development pillars for sustainable economic and social progress’. The research principally addresses sustainable development in Design and Architecture at Bachelors’ Level at the Tec de Monterey. But through the recently funded Online Space to promote the development of Sustainable Development Competencies, the project will have greater interdisciplinary and inter-institutional reach. The project is part of ongoing PhD research. In order to learn from best practice, extensive interviews were conducted with academic and business experts in Mexico and the UK. Studies to test a new Sustainable Competencies model have been conducted in the Monterey campus using surveys, interviews and focus groups. The SDGs have been considered as one of the competencies. Research outcomes will include new insights into the role of innovative curricula in providing sustainable development education in architecture and planning. They will also recommend practical action.

CATEGORY: Education SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: Tecnologico de Monterrey

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: The project has called for engagement with a number of different knowledge-based communities:

1. Interviews with 23 academic and business experts in at Birmingham City University England to better understand: the key drivers and facilitators for sustainable development in Mexico; the obstacles that restrict sustainable development; ways to reduce or eradicate such obstacles and restrictions; how the Higher Education sector might contribute to the promotion and achievement of sustainable development.

2. 28 questionnaires administered to Design academics in 8 Mexican private universities and 6 Mexican public universities.

3. Case studies at four campuses of Tecnológico de Monterrey, using: questionnaires to students, graduates and professors; observation and photographic analysis; open ended “walking interviews”.

4. Interventions in Tecnologico de Monterrey, Puebla classes: interviews with students to gather data on their responses to the development of sustainability competencies.

PARTNERS: NOVUS / Tec de Monterrey . Funding to develop the Online Space to promote the development of Sustainable Development Competencies. Birmingham City University, UK . The project is part of a PhD study that the project leader is undertaking (August 2016-September 2020) at Birmingham City University (BCU), UK.