Coach Development Newsletters BEST OF MAY 2020

The Coach Development Department strives to accomplish it's three continuous goals: Promote the Rush Way, Provide Top Quality Learning Content to our coaches, and Develop Career Pathways within our Rush Soccer Coaches Pyramid.

Below, what we think you can't miss from the month of May.


The Rush Coaches Blog offers an open, informal space for all of our Rush coaches to share information and opinions and learn from each other. An invaluable opportunity that we get from being a part of this great club.

The blog series for conditioning education brought two new articles to read that we definitely consider highlights of the month.

Posted at the very beginning of the month we find an article titled "Commonly Used Conditioning Methods In Soccer", in which the author covers three of the most common conditioning approaches utilized in the sport: Interval Training, Intermittent, and Repeat Sprint Ability, analyzing meticulously their foundational principles, what's good about them, and what's questionable.

The post invites the reader to not only understand the application of these methods but also reflect on their application.

'These methods are derived from athleticism and applied or adapted to Soccer, that’s why they use certain work:rest periods and distances that they consider represent better the efforts within the sport. The problem is that athleticism is cyclic and soccer is not. I almost never run, during a match, 40 yards on a straight line without doing any changes of pace, stops, or turns, and even if I did we would still be missing a crucial soccer factor in this approach: On the field, I would do it thinking' - Pablo Toledo

The second article, titled "An Alternative, Specific, & Individual Oriented Approach For Soccer Conditioning" appears as a natural consequence of the first, presenting an alternative way of thinking about conditioning in the sport.

'Sometimes people escape from methods like this because we have a misleading necessity to measure everything and this approach does not make it as easy as the others. That’s something to be careful of: just because we can't measure it, it doesn't mean it's not there. Art and Talent are two undeniable supporters of this statement' - Pablo Toledo

A must read for all coaches.


WEBINAR SERIES: Chris P., our Developmental Director, has brought many world renowned professionals to his Webinar Series. Below, our selection of the month.

For the month of May, we highlight the webinar held with Dr. Rachel Lindvall (Doctorate in Mindfulness Research, University Professor, Soccer Coach) in which the guest presents on the topic of empowering students and athletes to reach their maximal potential.

The Coach Development YouTube Channel stores all of Chris' webinars for our coaches to review anytime. Find these and all.


Rush Soccer proudly presented during the month of March its new podcast program, which has grown spectacularly since its release. Find it at the Coach Development Website, as well as in Spotify, Google Podcast, and many others.

The Coach Development Podcast had its most popular moment in May with the release of a recording with Albert Capellas, who was a coordinator of 'La Masia' at FC Barcelona, sharing his journey and thoughts on coaching children and their development.

Simultaneously, the podcast titled 'The Rush Way With Tim Schulz II' has become the most popular recording of The Rush Podcast Network, offering invaluable insights for coaches.

'You have to be careful with your coaching and defining what's right and wrong. Not long ago I saw a kid try to trap the ball like Neymar does behind the opposite heel. the control was not good, so the coach indicated that he shouldn't do the trick. The answer here is that's not the answer. 'Keep the ball tighter' is what's right, I don't care if you use your shin, heel, or chest' - Tim Schulz


The Coach Development Department proudly completed the presentation of the 5 division guides for The Rush Way by Age Group, available at all times at its website.

These presentations include components related to the application of the Rush Way for the age group, as well as Player Expectations, Overall Training Principles, Preferred Methodologies, and Age Group Appropriate Coaching Approaches.

The Coach Development Department considers the read of these documents of utmost importance for new coaches to the Rush, as well as for coaches taking teams in divisions they haven't coached before.


With the intention of offering our support and assistance to our clubs during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Coach Development Department presented the Virtual Learning Center for daily training and learning activities for players and coaches. The VLC is accessible at all times through the Coach Development Website.

The Virtual Learning Center brought many valuable articles, videos, blog posts, and others.

One of the highlights of the month of May has been a documentary created by FourFourTwo on How Data is Changing Modern Football, posted on May 19th. This documentary explores the impact of statistical and data analysis in football, a practice adopted by many of the best clubs in the world.

Another top publication we can find on the VLC in the month of May is a Masterclass from The Coaches Voice posted on May 29th, in which legendary Manchester United Ryan Giggs presents his ideas, experiences, and tips on Playing On The Flank.

Juan Roman Riquelme, the legendary Argentinian creative midfielder also offers us a Masterclass on his technique and understanding of How To Shoot A Direct Free Kick. This short masterclass, an absolute gem, was posted on May 15th.

From a different field but equally relevant and important for Coaching Education, an animated presentation from Daniel H. Pink titled Drive: The Truth About What Motivates Us was posted on May 4th.

Last but not least, we shared on May 18th, from the world famous soccer blog Spielverlagerung, an article about Strategies To Maximize Performance & Recovery In Soccer.

Must watch, read, and/or listen.


One of the main goals of the Coach Development Department is to provide or collaborate in the creation of career advancement opportunities.

The month of May brought two new openings, distributed through the Coach Development Department Careers Page.

Our partners from Elkhorn Rush are in the seek of a Director of Coaching. Brief description below.

The Elkhorn Rush Soccer Club is seeking a Director of Coaching who will be responsible for training, developing and assisting the coaching staff for all recreational and competitive teams. This position would be perfect for someone who has knowledge of soccer, coaching experience and is looking for a part time opportunity to take the next step in their coaching career. Salary would be commensurate on coaching experience. All interested individuals need to submit resume and cover letter to nickbednarek@yahoo.com by Friday, June 12th. Interviews will be completed by June 30th.

On a different note, our partners from Idaho Rush are currently looking for a Recreational Director & Competitive Coach. Brief description below.

The Recreational Director will assist in the oversight of the entire recreation program of the Idaho Rush Soccer Organization. This position requires the oversight of coaching education along with a professional ability to communicate well with the membership. He/She must possess an ability to work as a team player with employees as well as volunteers. The Recreation Director must be organized, self-motivated and possess an extensive background in soccer. Additionally, this position will also entail coaching two competitive Girls Teams and oversee the age group. For further questions, please contact Rob Hill at rhill@idahorush.com

COMING UP NEXT: The objective of the Rush Coach Development Department for June is to continue to develop and upgrade its Virtual Learning Center, as well as prepare the release of The Rush Coaching Manual by July 1st, our new platform for technical content, available for free for all coaches within Rush Soccer.

Find these and much more at www.rushcoachdevelopment.com