CNPS Bulletin 2021 | issue 5 | june

CNPS SCHOOL VISION: To build a community of curious, creative and engaged learners who are empowered to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. Collectively we will work with our students to become responsible global citizens who have the skills, knowledge and personal attributes they need for their future.

Principal’s Column

Womenjeka CNPS. My apologies for the late release of this month's newsletter. We had a little bit of a unpleasant surprise with the circuit breaker lockdown last week that had turned everyone's scheduled upside down.

I'd like to thank everyone for your quick turn around last week, moving back into lockdown for the fourth time. Although we have been through this before, it does not make it any easier. Our staff have been amazing AGAIN by providing excellent online learning for all of our students. Flexiblity and resilience is one of the finest qualities of our staff. I am so very proud of everyone here at CNPS!

Speaking of the finer qualities of CNPS, I'd like to let you all know about the School Review that happened just before lockdown (yes, it's been a full on term). From all our findings, the one thing that came up time and time again was how amazing the staff and community culture is at CNPS. The independent reviewer commented on how wonderful our staff and community were with everyone sharing the same passion... wanting to do the very best for every child at CNPS. Our school vision came out very strong, in the review and it is so good to see that we are on the right track moving forward.

Other highlights that were discussed by the review panel were:

  • Distributive leadership model enabling greater shared instructional leadership.
  • Increased consistency in assessment.
  • Introduction of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) across the school.
  • Staff value the philosophy of collaboration.
  • Introduction of Challenge Based Learning as the inquiry framework to develop student’s skills creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, citizenship and character skills (the 6Cs).
  • Student Led Exhibitions held in August.
  • School Wide Positive Behaviours (SWPB).
  • Redevelopment of 3 core school values Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. The school values are evident throughout the school both physically and in implementation.
  • Updated Behaviour Flowchart to help teachers to be consistent in their behaviour management approach.
  • Daily organisation of the school.
  • Communication to parents through Compass.
  • School Pride through school houses, whole school events and school song.

Now that the School Review is finished, we will wait for the final report and our new goals for the next 3.5 years to be shared with the community. My SIT (School Improvement Team) and myself, are very excited about our plan moving forward. We can't wait to share it with you!

That is all from me for now. Take care of yourself everyone and hopefully we will see you back at school soon.


Buildings and Grounds Report

It has been a busy time around the grounds at CNPS…


Work has commenced on the adventure playground and completion is expected by the end of June. We should all be enjoying the new space for the start of term three! We are also waiting on the delivery of some additional equipment for the senior playground that includes a new clatter bridge.

Designs are almost completed for the Coburg Crop garden project. Construction will begin in June and we will soon have a wonderful plot with garden beds, chickens, and out-door workspaces.

Dividing walls will be built in the Grade three and grade four portable classrooms in the coming weeks. These will allow the classes to operate independently and provide some separate, quiet spaces.

We have also had new signage installed at the main entrance of the school that looks great!


Grade six students are working hard on proposals for their enquiry projects that focus on sustainable development around the school. They have contributed some amazing ideas including , hanging native gardens, bird boxes, murals, instructional videos, and planting of indigenous gardens around the school. I am helping them turn these ideas in to reality and we hope to be planting, building, and painting next term. This all comes after their wonderful work planting 14 crepe myrtle trees outside the library and grade one and two classrooms.


Our first volunteer gardening session was scheduled to take place on Friday 28 May. However, due to changes to the COVID-19 restrictions, we have had to postpone this event until further notice. It is a very disappointing situation but will allow for the future sessions to be even better. Please keep an eye out for an announcement of new dates when they become available.

You may have seen new notice boards appearing around the school. These are a great way to communicate with our school community and the students. They will be filled with information about events, celebrations, and our expected school behaviours.

Students have helped reinvigorate the school’s composting program during this term and it has been such a success that our fruit trees will be getting the first batch of rich, healthy compost over the term break.


I have built and installed new joinery for room 26 that has provided some much-needed storage for Jessie and her students.

There has also been new, lockable, storage installed in the prep offices to safely house the student’s iPads.

The guided reading room is up and running with demountable long-span shelving housing the books for our junior students - plans are already underway for more storage in this space!

Keep an eye out for many more projects happening around the school!


District Cross Country Carnival

On Wednesday 19th May we had 42 students represent Coburg North Primary School at the District Cross Country Carnival. It was a great day and each student represented our school with great pride and were fantastic role models. They showed wonderful sportsmanship and tried their best! This was a long distance running race and they either had to run 2km or 3km, showing great resilience. The students who represented our school are as follows:

Jacinta Young, Riley Bishop, Amelie Yagyu-Davies, Scarlett Crowe, Isla O’Brien, Siri Neergaard, Anna Hallam, Greta Alves, Alexandra Kennedy, Cinzia Selliitto, Keira Haplin, Georgia Liddy, Ella Appleton, Elikya Dinanga, Charlotte Abbott, Holly Dimsey, Tilda Jukes, Maddison Purcell, Clara Kerr, Camille Sutton-Heath, Ava Sugden, Ilya Rappoport-Perkal, Ned Ryan, Rowan Limbu, Essien Mwakasungura, Matthew Hallam, Elliot Clark, Josh Hickson, Billy Bruce, Per Neergaard, Raphael Avery, Ethan Burns, Archie Power, Luca Mahon, Jacob Gordon, Archie O’Brien, Will Tracy, Blake Harrison, Rishi Gentry, Hugo Svoboda, Oliver Scanlan Jedliicka and Ethan Burns.

We are all so proud of every one of these students and their amazing efforts attending training every week before the event. We had 14 students (highlighted) who made it through to the next level, which is an outstanding achievement. We wish them all the best!

Thank you to all the parents/carers for all their support as well!

Kind regards,


Jump Rope for Heart - Thank You!

Jump Rope for Heart is happening right now at Coburg North Primary School! Students are coming together to raise money for the Heart Foundation. It is a wonderful cause and all money raised goes straight to the charity and helps people suffering from heart disease.

By joining in this program, students are either learning how to skip or building on their skipping skills. It has been so wonderful watching everyone skipping at lunchtimes and in their PE lessons. Please keep up your skipping at home and remember this is a great way to keep fit and learn new skills. If you are looking for skipping inspiration, please check out the videos below:

Basic Skills Intermediate Skills Advanced Skills

As a school, we have raised $6444 so far, which is AMAZING! Thank you to everyone who has registered and started raising money. We exceeded our school goal by raising over $5000.

It’s not long until our Jump Off Day (Thursday 10th June), so keep on practising those tricks. And don’t forget to share your online fundraising page with friends and family to raise money for a great cause! If you are still wanting to sign up, it’s easy! Just follow the link below and enter your details - www.jumprope.org.au/parents

Thank you again to everyone for all their support and hard work!

Captains Coloumn

A message from our Sustainability Captains...

Nude Food

Term Verde have been focusing on ways to encourage Nude Food. At the beginning of next month, the competition will be changing from a grade winning badges to individual students. To win a Nude Food badge students need to bring nude food for 10 days consecutively. There are 4 different badges to collect, each with a different ‘Taste Bud’ character. We meet every Tuesday in 1B’s room and Wednesday in the Italian room second half of lunch. Everyone is welcome. (Images Below)

On the 15th of May, Term 2 the year 6 cohort planted crepe myrtle trees in front of the year 2 class rooms. These trees deciduous (meaning they lose their leaves in winter). They grow up from 4-6 meters high and because they are deciduous they will let sun in to soon to solar panels on top of classrooms.

Junior School Council

Dear Coburg North Primary School,

Thank you for your support of the 90th Good Friday Appeal in 2021. Through your support, you helped us raise an amazing $17,122,879 for The Royal Children's Hospital!

Each year, our wonderful community makes a difference to the lives of children by funding projects and supporting medical excellence at The Royal Children's Hospital.

  • purchase state-of-the-art equipment and technology,
  • support the development of highly skilled staff with the best and brightest medical minds,
  • support research teams who push the boundaries of paediatric medicine to transform the future of children's health, and
  • fund projects that ensure patients and their families' experience the best possible care throughout their journey at the Hospital.

We would like to thank you again for your support and present a certificate of our appreciation. Please find the link below to your digital Thank You Certificate which you can print and display, or share across your social media.

If you would like to request a hard copy certificate to be posted to you, please click the link below:

From everyone at the Good Friday Appeal, thank you for helping to make a difference.

School Council News

A message from our School Council President...

Over the last few weeks our school has been undergoing a review as part of the Department's regular process. The review is detailed and complex, but to put it broadly, the review studies how we are going relative to the state, how we're doing it, and then helps us write the School Strategic Plan for the next four years. My task in the review was to represent the school community. The review was fascinating.

My main take away from the process was that the review showed in great detail, something that I've been a witness to as a parent only anecdotally; that our school has many strengths, a dedicated staff, and is a wonderful place of learning for the students. There were many moments where we could pause and be proud; and reassuringly the review also showed us how the school can continue to improve. Although mostly relating to the core business of education, one improvement that I'd like to highlight to the school community is that we are going to see more ways for parents and carers to become closer partners in their children's education.

I'm particularly pleased about this because it uses one of CNPS's existing strengths - our engaged and energetic school community - as a basis for helping the school provide excellent education.

Robbie Napper

Parents and Friends

Mother’s Day Stall, A Huge Success

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported the Mother's Day stall on May 7.

It was a great day and we are delighted to have raised almost $4900, part of which will go towards sports equipment boxes, in memory of Siân Harrison.

To everyone who crafted, baked or volunteered on the day, THANK YOU! Without the support of our school community, these events would not be possible.

Here are just some of the creative and hardworking people who helped out with the Mother’s Day Stall:

Dave Deveny

Dave is Dad to Jack (grade 5) and Rebecca (grade 2) and a former school council member. Dave made over 30 wooden trivets (a stand or base for a hot dish) for the Mother’s Day stall.

Dave developed his wood-working skills building his family’s house over the past few years. He uses a computer numerical machine to cut out the shapes and then hand sands and coats the wood. It can take up to 30 mins to make one trivet. Jack and Rebecca also helped by talking about the design and doing some of the finishing touches.

Dave says doing things with his hands is relaxing and has been good for his mental health. He feels it’s important to get involved in fundraising as schools are not funded enough (something learned from his stint on school council). And it’s also very rewarding.

Nana Lin

Lin is Nana to Felix (grade 4) and Stella (high school). Her interest in gardening started just before her husband died and helped her get through this difficult time.

This year Lin donated 103 plants to the Mother’s Day stall, ranging from plants in pots to succulents in cute ceramics sourced from op-shops or hard-rubbish finds.

Lin likes to support the school because, as a former secondary teacher, she knows how tight funds are for schools and she is pleased that they are popular with the kids.

Felix says “he loves Nana Lin helping my school.”

Linda and Greg Karafili

Linda and Greg are parents to Pearl (grade 2) and Albert who will start in Foundation next year.

Greg volunteered on the Mother’s Day Stall and Linda made candles on second-hand saucers, succulents in cups, jugs and teapots and propagated spider plants that were wrapped in vintage paper.

This is all an extension of their philosophy to demonstrate equality, community and sustainability and live a no-waste lifestyle. All the materials Linda used in her creations are either found or repurposed.

In doing so, Linda and Greg want to show their kids how to consider the impact of the things we consume on planet and the environment.


Our Bunnings sausage sizzle planned for Saturday 5 June has been postponed. We are looking to secure a new date and will let everyone know when that will be. Thank you all for your support.

You can support the BBQ by donating items to help reduce cost of the sausage sizzle. We need the following:

  • Cans of soft drink
  • Bottled water
  • Tomato sauce bottles
  • BBQ sauce bottles
  • Mustard (mild please)
  • Napkins (white standard size)
  • Cooking oil

If you can donate items, let us know by contacting us at: CNPS_PF@hotmail.com

Donated items can be left at the school office.

Please note, the Bunnings BBQ is still going ahead and we will update volunteers ASAP if anything changes due to changing COVID-19 restrictions.

CNPS P&F Trivia Night – July 31, 2021

We know we are living in uncertain times, but in the spirit of hope, we are planning our Trivia Night and would love your support.

SAVE THE DATE and sign up to join the planning team for this fun parent-only night out! Join the planning team by emailing: CNPS_PF@hotmail.com

Second hand uniform sale - Last Friday of the month

Starting Friday 30 July, Parents and Friends will be hosting a monthly second hand uniform stall from 3.15 - 3.45pm.

A range of shirts, shorts, skorts, pants and jumpers will be available to purchase on the last Friday of each month.

The cost of most items will be $5 or less. Cash only.

Donations of uniforms can be made via the office. Please ensure that items are in good condition and comply with the uniform policy (ie. no hoodies).

Spring into action for the CNPS plant market

Planning is underway for this year’s Plants for Panels market in October and Parents & Friends is asking for volunteers to help make this year’s event bigger and better.

The first plant market was held in 2019 and raised over $8000 towards playground works. In 2020 the sale was held online and raised $3500 towards the school’s solar panel fund.

This year P&F plan to hold the event at the school on Saturday, October 23,with activities and stalls to complement the plant sale. This event will be open to the wider community and will raise funds for the solar panels for the school, a target which is very close to being achieved.

To run this event, we need LOTS of support from the school community.

To register your interest in joining the planning group, email your contact details to: CNPSevents@gmail.com

Other ways you can support the Plants for Panels event:

  • donate plants (we generally get lots of succulents so please think of other types of plants you could donate)
  • grow plants from seeds
  • donate cuttings from your fruit tree prunings this trees winter for grafted fruits trees
  • closer to the event, we’ll need volunteers to help out on a stall or fill other roles on the day.

Stay up-to-date with news about the sale by following the Plants for Panels Facebook page: https://fb.me/CNPSPlantsforPanels

Winter Clothing Notes

Borrowed Clothing Notes

  • If your child has borrowed any school uniform items from the Office, please wash and return them sometime soon.
  • Donations of school shirts, in the larger sizes: 8-12, are welcome.
  • During winter, if you know your child is likely to get wet or muddy, please provide some spare clothes of their own in their school bag.

Lost Property

Please ensure your child’s school uniform is clearly named, especially jumpers. Then we can sort the items and return them to student’s classroom.

TheirCare: After School Care

Good morning!

Our service has been getting very busy for the last few weeks and we have been absolutely LOVING it! For the last 2 wonderful weeks we have been engaging in various activities around our themes of- Let’s have fun outside and Reconciliation Week! There was plenty of spontaneous, child directed play which really allowed us to build better relationships with the children.

Our OSHC bunch just love the outdoors so we decided to give them a whole week’s fun of outdoor play and activities! We jumped, we laughed, we won, we lost….we certainly displayed a lot of team spirit that week. The following week we reflected and paid our respect to the stolen generation, we were so impressed with our students’ brilliant creative capabilities in creating beautiful Aboriginal cultural artworks.

eSafety @ CNPS

On the 3rd and 4th of May, CNPS hosted an incursion presented by the team from Bully Zero. In these sessions the students learnt about many topics related to Bullying.

This included,

  • What Bullying is and is not.

The students learnt that bullying is not having an argument with someone, being grumpy towards others, or disagreements between people. Bullying is about people choosing to be unkind to others on repeated occasions, and a mismatch in power.

  • The different types of bullying, such as Physical, Verbal, Social Exclusion and Online Bullying.
  • Strategies for managing our emotions and sticking up for our friends and others when we see something wrong.
  • Popular apps and the recommended ages.

If your family would like more information on any of the topics covered please visit:

Free eSafety Webinars

The Term 2 webinar will look at how parents and carers can set up devices and apps to help kids and young people stay safe online. It is designed for parents and carers of children aged 4-13.

Dates (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

  • Tuesday 1 June 12.30 to 1.30pm
  • Tuesday 8 June 12.30 to 1.30 pm
  • Wednesday 16 June 7.30 to 8.30 pm

Please visit https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents/webinars for more information and Registration.

Up Coming Events

  • Whole School Assembly – May 28 (Date may differ due to COVID-19)
  • Planning Week – June 7 – 11
  • Queen’s Birthday (no students at school) – June 14
  • Jump Rope for Heart Jump Off Day – June 17
  • Reports go live on Compass – June 21
  • Parent Teacher Interviews – June 23-24
  • School Council – June 23

Community News

Nourishing Neighbours

Mercy College Term 2 CA Holiday Program

Heart Foundation - Jump Rope

At CNPS we believe that by being respectful, responsible and resilient we can succeed and thrive as a community.
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