Calendars By Michelle J and Grace K

I love bullet journaling and handwritten calendar aesthetics as much as the next girl, but does it really help?

I spend too much on journals each year, and I always seem to forget to write in them. Instead, the pen ends up on my arm, or in a text to myself.

I wish I could keep track of my life... but I can't

  • Deadlines
  • Reminders
  • Activities
  • Chores, and above all
  • Homework

It's too much for me

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, and as more and more of our personal lives occur online, why not let them?

Get your teachers an online calendar

I, for one, have only had three teachers that regularly update their calendars. They made life so much easier (and are now my favorites).

Get yourself one too.

Whether it's pep band, an audition, or just a meet up with your friends, get your life together

I used to wake up in sudden bouts of terror, fearing for my life that I had forgotten an assignment.

Now that I use calendars, I do... slightly less of that.

Whether it's apple, google, or edmodo. Perfectly organized or not.

Having a digital calendar will help you

Is the switch going to give you perfect time management skills? Probably not.

Did I finish this presentation incredibly late last night?

... yes.

But did I remember to finish this presentation before I got to school today?

A hundred times yes.

But hey, any attempt to get your life in order has got to be worth it.

Maybe Calendars might be the one to finally stick.


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