What Is The Harvard Smoothie?

The Harvard Smoothie is the new smoothie that makes you smart , with ingredients that travel to your brain working its magic! The smoothies come in three different sizes small, medium, and large. Also comes in different flavors Strawberry, Mango, Kiwi, Blueberry and more! The small is 4.99, the medium is 6.99, and the large is 8.99.

You will be the brains in math class!

What does The Harvard Smoothie do?

The smoothie makes you smarter and help you get good grades on test! Our secret ingredients travel up to your brain chromosomes. Sending a signal to your brain heightening your smartness. Traveling to your hands making them solve math questions!

Be cooler and smarter than steve!

Is there any side effects?

Yes, actually there is if you drink more than two bottles of the Harvard Smoothie you may feel dizzy, lightheaded, camps , wearing nerd glasses and cramping in the brain.

As you see above these are kids who have tried the smoothie and love it ! They began to make better grades in every class. The smoothie will have kid wanting it.

" I love The Harvard Smoothie it helps me pass big test and raise my grades in my classes."-Cindy L.

For more information please contact me or 1-800-555-HARVARD

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Destiney Thornton


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