El Monte The land we love for the people we love

The point of my utopia is to create a community where you are free to be who you are and live how you wish to live.
Rules 1: No damaging property. 2: Have Fun 3: No negativity 4: Let people live how they want to live and live as you want to live 5: Fair fights 6: Everybody has the same amount of money 7: You get 5 strikes 8: Everyone gets same amount of land 9: Maximum four children 10: No polygamy
My utopia is located in the middle of the pacific ocean. So that it is warm.
Daily schedule : 6 am-10 am: sleep time 10 am-12 am : school 12 am-1 pm: lunch time 1 pm-6 pm: recreations time 6 pm-7 pm: dinner 7 pm-11 pm: recreation time 11 pm-5 am: sleep time
1 president 1 year terms can be kicked out by majority vote of community.


Created with images by AmberAvalona - "moon clouds sky" • AlexanderPaukner - "peace symbol peace sign" • neshom - "sea background beach" • cgabor - "winter sign post snow" • PublicDomainPictures - "white dove birds" • motivationforgood - "art peace design"

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