Maria Theresa By:Mya Parker

Background Information

  • Born on May 13, 1717- Died on November 29, 1780 in Vienna, Austria (aged 63).
  • She was born into the life of the throne
  • Her father was emperor Charles IV and mother was Elizabeth of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
  • Her father passed a law called Pragmatic Sanction so she would be able to rule because girls couldn't rule back then


  • Unification of the currency, measures, weights, customs, and taxes
  • Provided Education for Serfs
  • Created professional army by maintaining seven year service for every male serf in the kingdom
  • Created unified judicial code that we called Theresian and was foundation for many today's Central European laws

Achievements/Legacy 2

  • She was archduchess of Austria, but also Queen of Bohemia and Hungary
  • She had the ability to select gifted men to be her advisers. This was one of her most impressive abilities as a ruler
  • Many people saw her as a kind-heart, courageous, and generous person


  • Military: founded schools for military training, and the central government conscripted military rather than the nobles
  • Goverment: Centralized decision-making, instituted taxes on the nobility, and required all elected officials (mayors, town counselors, etc.) to have their qualifications to hold office checked by the government


  • Economy: Improved transportation through roads and ports, reduced power of the guilds
  • Encouraged immigration with compensation benefits, and promoted private enterprise over state industry.


  • The orange with the stripes are Maria Theresa's inheritance, 1740
  • Solid orange ruled by her husband
  • Solid yellow ruled by Prussia, 1740
  • The other colors are ruled by other people


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