Brad's Declassified, Christian Survival Guide By: Brady Rolfes

Table of Contents:

  • Where you should go
  • How to gain followers
  • Reasons to join
  • Tips
  • FAQS
  • Rules

Where Shall I Go?

There is a special sign (ΑΨΔ) located on multiple houses throughout the Fairfield area.

House with the red arrow is the house that is a safe zone.

How to Strengthen our Forces

  • Convince them that we are doing the right thing
  • Tell them everyone has a choice and that choice shall be respected no matter what
  • Tell them that God sent his only Son to suffer for us and lost his life to save us, so the smallest we could do is suffer small for him.

Reasons to Join

  • God will see that we suffered for Him and He will remember that when we are face to face with Him.
  • Nothing says love like giving your life for someone
  • We are fighting for the right cause because Catholics accept everyone


  • Never give up. Always fight till the end.
  • Always fall forward because at least you are moving forward in failure, not backwards
  • Stay faithful, only God knows what you've done right.
  • Pray


  • What will happen if I'm caught? Three things could happen. You could be arrested and jailed, fined, or even die.
  • If confronted by a crowd of non-Christians, what should I do? Confess your love to God. There might be a possibility a person might join.
  • What will you do if I am executed? We will try to fight, peacefully, for your release and if that doesn't work we will pray.


  • Always stay faithful
  • Try to make it to mass every week
  • Always profess your faith
  • Do not lie about your faith
  • NEVER STOP BELIEVING. No matter how hard it gets remember Jesus didn't give up in God when he was dying.


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