In the Picture What is good food?

Good food to me is fresh vegetables that have not been intruded with hormones or pesticides. Many farms have harmful chemicals in the soil which cause vegetables to last longer than normal.
Good food to me is grass fed animals that are naturally grown and age at a normal rate. Chickens today are kept in big pull barns and grow so big so fast that they cant even walk.
Good food to me means having a meal that doesn't have meet from 25 different cows in one hamburger. Meals shouldn't be done and ready to eat in 4 min.
Good food is meat that is not processed or taunted with chemicals and preservatives. Steaks in the super markets today are infused with die to make them look more appetizing.
Good food is also something that is not chalked full of preservatives. It is something that doesn't make men have breasts.
Good food to me is knowing where my food comes from. If my food comes from a factory then I know the animals have been fed and treated cruelly.
Good food is knowing what goes into your food. Corn along with soybeans are the most common ingredient in almost everything. The soil corn is grown in is very full of pesticides and chemicals to make the corn grow faster and bigger.
Good food to me is realizing that big corporations are shutting down small organic farms so there GMO food can dominate the market. These big companies(Tyson, Pepsico, Craft) will force these farmers to trial against there big multi million dollar company and end up either falling out in debt or win and still be in a ton of debt.
Good food is food not created in a factory. Would you really want to eat cheese that came out of a test tube.
Good food to me is bringing family together. No matter what you can always have a gathering for no reason as long as you put a good dish on the table.


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