Global Sales of Samsung Phones by Alex de schepper

What about Samsung

Samsung is named the best phone brand in the world in 2016 and I won't wonder if it is not anymore in 2017 because of the problems with there batteries. But it may go back up in mid 2017 or in 2018 with there brand new phone the "Samsung Galaxy S8"

But now it is time to talk about the growth of sales in the Samsung phone industry so here is a table of the global sales of Samsung phones over the 21st century

Here is my actual graph

And here are my calculations for the lines of best fit

I have a comment for this part of the graph. Just like that you now in 2013 was the first Samsung Galaxy Note invented and that is where the batteries started to explode but no body talked about it. But the news was fast and was spread on the entire world. And the iPhone 6, 6Plus, 6S, SE, 6SPlus were invented in the period of time of 2014 to 2016. So there was not much luck for the South-Korean brand.

And all grouped together it makes this

The last calculation we needed to make was to predict from 2017 till 2067 and from 2017 till 2112. That was pretty easy because we just needed to follow our line off best fit

2017 till 2067

2017 till 2112

And we Also needed to add our comment to that so here it comes

I don't think the trend that my line of best fit gives is going to be right because there is a certain amount of people on earth so it can't be infinite, plus there is also Apple that is a big concurrent with the iPhone 8 or 10 and Nokia that is coming back with the 3310. But I don't say that it is not going to go back up, because indeed the sales are going to go back up with the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Thank You for attention

not for listening because I'm not there sorry guys I really wanted to present this to you

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