The Forest Gabby Jonas

I lived in a beautiful, magnificent, amazing, and tear-jerking forest.

One day just like the rest I started it normally: first, I get up and slip my favorite fuzzy slippers on; second, I walk outside and see the forest; and third, I would take my dog for a walk.

My dog, a border collie named Koda, was an amazing, well-trained dog.

No, we didn't walk far but we walked far enough to see the lovely forest.

Off of the path in the woods, there was the most graceful little pond that we sat almost every day.

Suddenly howling, Koda looked scared.

Then I looked up, of course, and was befouled.

Koda,the forest is on fire!

We were running, as fast as we could, toward the house to call 911

Koda was howling while I was on the phone, “be quiet!” I said.

I didn't want to leave my house surrounded by the alluring forest, but we had to escape the flames.

We hurried off to the nearest town, whose name was Jogjakarta, to warn them of the fire.

I was talking to the local towns people, they said this had happened once before on July 29, 1983, and it burned the whole forest down.

The only person to live in Jogjakarta, Texas, was old man McKay everyone else moved in when the trees grew back.

Dear reader, I hope this is a lesson to you that envy thing beautiful can not stay, but something will come again just as elegant as the first.

Outside, the fire had calmed down, but almost all of the forest was gone, including my home.


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