Term 1a, week 5

This week, we have continued to build our knowledge of The Shang Dynasty. We have found out a lot of interesting facts and we are going to compile them into an information book about the Dynasty.

We have worked collaboratively to do our research and we are now ready to write the text for the book and consider how we will set our pages out to make it interesting for others to read.

In our Music sessions we have used these plastic tubes as percussion to keep a beat in a piece of music.

Each of the colours perform a different part to the beat in the music.

Mrs Butler was the conductor. We had to watch her so we knew when to perform. It sounded great as we kept the beat well.

Connor has made a brilliant start to life in Year 5 and continues to impress us. He was in Golden Book this week for fab reading at home with his mam and uploading a video of him reading to his Seesaw journal.

Olivia was Year 5’s Star of the Week. Despite having the use of only one arm this week, she has worked well on the iPad (as it was her writing hand/arm with the problem) to keep up to speed in lessons, using her Seesaw journal to upload and keep track of her work.

I wonder what next week has in store for us?