Revolutions in Technology By Elijah Hairston

Past: The Industrial Revolution


The first revolution happened in 1750 and a factor of it happening was the agricultural revolution which created a favorable climate for industrialization.

This revolution brung more food production which was needed due to the increase in population at the time. This also offered more factory jobs for the population spike.

Secondly, Britain was able to make many factories due to their wealth to invest.

Finally, more resources such as iron and steel were being made in the factories. Iron and steel was needed for building and constructing.

Technological Developments

Railroads were a huge leap in Technology at the time. These were made for more efficient travel and faster at a lower price.
Steam engine trains were an amazing idea at the time for great transportation of goods and people. This was a good thing... or so they thought.
Coal was probably one of the biggest findings at the time because after it was found a lot of great inventions were powered with coal. Coal was a great energy source for machines.
"The industrial revolution was another of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization" ~ Stephen Gardiner

Positive and Negative Effects on Society

Positive Effects on Society

There are three main things of the time that excelled. First, transportation was quick and easy. Very time saving and got more people around.

Next, this mainly helped the population as there was an increase. More jobs were being created at factories to produce more food and resources.

Lastly, new farming technologies allowed farmers to produce more food. But farmers weren't bought from as much because of factories production.

Negative Effects on Society

The worst effect on Society was pollution. The steam boats and steam engine trains were polluting the air. The factors were especially big on polluting.

Then, there was another problem... child labor. Children were working in factories with men and women which is very dangerous and they would often be overworked.

The last major negative in Society was extremely poor sanitation. Lots of people were getting sicknesses and disease during this time due to sanitary conditions.

Present: The Digital Revolution


One reason for the digital revolution was that people needed to be able to deliver messages faster, sometimes instantly.

People very much need to be able to call on the go nowadays.

Next, a major need was people knowing world emergencies and news immediately.

Another reason why the revolution is happening is because Society is currently needing to fix the pollution of COgoing to the atmosphere. Not only pollution but oil shortages. We will run out of oil soon.

"In 20 or 30 years, you'll be able to hold in your hand as much computing knowledge as exists now in the whole city, or even the whole world." ~ Douglas Engelbart

Technological Developments

The internet is among the most used things by Americans. This is most oftenly used to communicate and find out about things going on in the world. This is also a good thing for education and research purposes.
Smartphones go along well with the internet and are extremely important to today's society. These are so important due to the need to communicate instantly, not only for emergencies.
Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. These inventions are made so that cars don't pollute the air. This is an urgent problem in the world. This is also directly connected to the shortage of oil in the world.

We are predicted to run out of oil within the next 50 years if we keep using as much as we do now.

Positive and Negative Effects on Society

Positive Effects

One positive effect on Society is that people are being more conscious and conservative about polluting the air. The attention was brought to them by inventions like electronic cars.

Also, smartphones are effecting Society in a great way. For example if someone is trapped or has got in a car crash they can call 911 and be rescued.

Finally, the internet positively Effects Society because people no longer need maps. This also allows people to find out news faster. In addition, this improves education by students having many sources to strengthen their knowledge of a subject.

Negative Effects

First, cell phones are a major cause at the moment for many car accidents in which people lose their life too.

Secondly, cell phones are addicting. Social media allows people to feel good about themselves when getting likes or positive feedback on things.

To top it off, people are often cyber bullied on the internet or social media for their looks or how they talk or act. This demoralizes people. Their has been cases of people committed suicide due to things being shared on the internet.

Future: Virtual Reality


New concepts of how to improve the current VR are coming out and companies have started working on improving them.

More and more phones to this day are becoming VR based and applicable of using it. For example, Samsung has their own VR.

More and more companies have been designing their own version of VR headsets. This lead to other companies making apps for VR and also basing their products on working for VR technology.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." ~ Malcolm X

Technological Developments

One technological development is higher pixel quality on Apps and Devices that work with VR.

Next, companies have concepts of using body sensors to track motion and utilize it for the game. This creates a more realistic experience.

Finally, new apps are coming out for VR that are more complex and have better quality. VR's range of apps will continue to increase as more attachments and gadgets come out for the VR experience.

Positive and Negative Effects on Society

Positive Effects

Virtual Reality is a good way to entertain people of any age. It lets you do something you may never do without leaving your house.

Also, you can experience things you may not be able to experience under your circumstances. For example, if you want to ride a rollercoaster but the carnival isn't around at that time of year.

Lastly, you are able to simulate different scenarios. This is great whenever you think "what if...?"

Negative Effects

VR's are great for fun but afterwards your eyes may hurt from straining to keep up with movement on the screen. The phone being so close to your eyes can also hurt it.

Nausea is very often with VR's but especially on certain games. Games that use roller coasters or fast moving motion make people sick. This is called motion sickness but usually people feel better quickly after taking it off.

Lastly, Phones are likely to overheat when connected to VR. A lot of times this is for running an app for too long. This is a sign that you should take a break because recently many Samsung phones have had overheating problems.

The End

Created By
Elijah Hairston


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