digital imaging by sean Ward

  1. First i created a mask around erin (model) and removed the white background
  2. i then added the cut out shape of the model onto the background of the log
  3. useing free transform I positioned the model ontop of the log to hide a crack in the log
  4. I then copy and pasted the mask of the model onto another new window and painted black over the image using the paint brush and then changed the opacity to creat a shadow
  5. I then removed the copied image from the painted out line and the warped the newly made shadow underneath the model and positioned a wrap around the log
  6. I then added in a foam tree lamp which I had made out of led Christmas lights foam card and electrical tape I cut this out in photoshop and masked the image into my log background
  7. using the warp tool I positioned the rose tree ontop of the log and masked the edges to blend in
  8. I then copied the masked rose tree by pressing ctrl+j on the keyboards and then under the tab edit>adjustments>exsposure I chaned the exsposure of the copy to black and then reduces the opacity of the copy to create a realistic static looking shdaaow I then used the free transorm tool to warp the copied rose tree shadow arounf the log I then added in a backgrounf behind the log and masked out the log model and rose tree to blend the background in
  9. I then added an LUT to the background image to reduce the colour intensity
  10. I added an adjustment layer onto the model to increase the saturation and sharpness
  11. I then added in another LUT to all layers in the image to correct the white balance and to keep an even colour tone within the image
  12. I then added a markee tool and added a dark spot light shadow around the image before opening a new tab
  13. in the new tab I used the brush tool to paint on a spot of white aginst a black background I then changed the brush settings and offset the image to the top left corner to smudge the brush and create the effect of light spill
  14. I added the brush stroke over my orgional image and positioned it into the top left corner after changing the opacity of the image I added in another market adjustment layer to darken the outsde imahe arounf the brush stroke creating a light effect
  15. in the final step I repositioned the rose tree shadow and changed the direction of the shadow
take back the city
  • the first layer is the background layer of a bridge in Glasgow
  • I then masked out all my character which I shot with my home studio indoors with a 380cm softbox to replicate the lighting used on the bridge.
  • I then cut out all the characters by creating a mask layer and the brush tool to remove the white background and reposition the models
  • I then positioned the characters onto the background image and created a mask layer
  • by using the transform tool I shaped and resized the characters to fit onto the bridge and used the brush tool (M) to blend the two together
  • I then copied each of the characters layers and created a copy and then by clicking into edit>adjustments>exposure I then adjusted the opacity of the image to create a realistic looking shadow under the characters I then used the puppet warp to position the feet and hands of the two together
  • I then added an adjustment layer over the image to de saturate the colours in the image
rear view mirror

for this image I started with a base layer of just the car and one person in the image I have my camera on a tripod set at shutter speed 100 iso:100 f/5 I have also used a portable studio flash kit with a 200cm parabolic Soft box on a stand to camera right

  • the first layer is a base layer of Brandon (in black ) sitting ontop of his car as the background image
background image layer one
  • 2 I then cut out his head from a different image and masked it over the top of the background image making his head more sharp and facing towards camera right
I cut the head from this image and masked it over the top to create this one
I used a mask to layer the image of the new head ontop

I then cut myself out of another image using the lasso tool from the same shoot the image was shot using the camera on a tripod and the use of the self timer function on my camera I then placed the image of myself ontop of the background image by copy and pasting the cut out onto the background image creating this

  • I then used the brush tool to paint in black shadow down the middle of the two of us in the image to add a more realistic look and professional quality to the image.

I then went round the path in the image using a layer mask and a 30% brush to blend the two images together seamlessly. before using the crop tool to remove the excess edge on the right of the frame.

and then I touched up the clarity by 3% removed a few spots and blemishes from the image increased the exposure by 10% and gently softened the creases on the black jeans.

open your eyes!

In this image I photographed my sister on a white background replicating the same lighting as the background image I chose to shoot her in the studio because the lighting in the background was not bright enough and had a yellow overcast from the tungsten bulbs which I couldn't change. I shot the model on the white background as this helped aid me in photo shop when masking out the background. I then shot the other three models on the same set up and cut them out. for the next step I then positioned layer one (Erin) on top of the background layer over on the left hand side.

I Then positioned layer 2 ( a copy of Erin/shadow) onto the image I used an adjustment layer and reduced the exposure to make the image appear black I then turned the opacity down on the image to make it look like a shadowed reflection

I repeated this process for the other two images that left my with three layers of silhouettes I then overlapped the three on top of the brick wall and used the puppet warp tool on each image by pinning the top of the heads to the image and pinning the feet all in the same spot on the image and by wrapping the feet and legs to follow the curves and shape of the wall to create a realistic looking shadow and reflection on the wall and floor

in the final step I used an LUT over the image to match all the lighting and I have also used the dodge and burn tool over the highlights and shadows to help draw attention in the image.

the last of us

for this image I have used five layer masks to create the idea of nature taking back space that's recently been abandoned.

I have the main building in the centre as the background image as the first layer I then shot a rock in front of the camera at the white lees wind fram centre and cut out the rock in photo shop using the quick selection tool I then positioned the entire image layer behind the background I used the brush tool to mask the rock in front so it was visible on top of the background image I have also used the clone stamp to create more of the grass in the image to help blend the rock into the front of the frame.

I then used the brush tool to paint in black an under line the shadow behind the rock to help blend the two images together

in the next step I I found an image of a glass building in Glasgow that I have masked on to the main background layer using the quick selection toll in photo shop and also the brush tool with a 50% opacity

I then used an LUT over the sky in the image to blend the image as I found the white balance didn't match in both images so I had to create a blue adjustment LUT over the sky to help blend the images.

I then blended a photograph of fire and used the free transform tool to scale down the size and then created a layer mask to blend the fire behind the window pains

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