Civil War in Afghanistan Martez Torrence(Paidtezz)

Afghanistan has actually had three series of a civil war.

All three series happened right after another causing the fall of Afghanistan.

The war lasted twelve years all together.

The 1989 to 1992 phase of the Afghan Civil War began after the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan.
Following the Soviet Union withdraw in 1989 other countries wanted to take over Afghanistan. But then countries decided to so sign peace treaties but also came with power of Afghanistan as well all except one. Even though Gulbuddin Aekmaytaker was granted prime minister over Afghanistan he wanted total control over Afghanistan which caused the second period of the war.
Ongoing since 1978, in 1996 the Taliban captured the Afghan capital, Kabul. Then established the Islamic State of Afghanistan after taking control of Kabul. Ahmad Shad Massed created the united Front to take back Afghanistan from the Taliban. The Taliban then received military support from Pakistan, Saudia Arabia and Al Queda, Afghanistan was over powered and lost the war.

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