Poverty, Homelessness, Protesting Lexi loro, Eva Muller, Tyler Williams


This photo is of a large group of people holding up signs picketing and protesting the idea of unemployment and the fact that so many people were getting laid off. They are doing this in an effort to get the government’s attention, so their situations will improve. They are all very fed up with the living conditions that they are being forced to live in during this time, and they feel there are a lot of changes that can be made within the government to reduce, if not prevent, this from happening longer. These protesters created a movement, known as the Unemployed Workers’ Movement, that took place during the 1930’s. This movement was an international campaign that marched, demonstrated, and protested all around the world. Thousands of people took part in this movement and protested the mass unemployment that was associated with the Great Depression.

Laid off:

This photo is of someone getting laid off. There is a boss who is sadly explaining to the worker that he has to be let go. The boss is sad because he doesn't want to fire him, but due to budget cuts, he had to be let go because of the bad economy during the Great Depression. There is a line of people behind the employee talking to the boss because that shows that many other workers would be let go because of the Depression, not many people were spared. In 1933, at the worst point in the Great Depression years, unemployment rates in the United States reached almost 25%, with more than 11 million people looking for work. During this time, many people got let go from their jobs, and this caused a large amount of unemployment to occur, as shown in this statistic.





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