Who's on drugs? Thomas is on drugs.

Thomas is a 16 year old boy. He is in his second year of high school, slowly falling behind from all his lack of effort and absences. He lives with only his father because his mother died when he was seven. He doesn’t have a job because he needs to take too many breaks during shifts to smoke.

Since his new habits he has made different friends, ones that can supply his addiction. They usually meet up at the skate park, usually smoking as they skate.

He is constantly smoking with his friends, trying to forget and be above his problems at home.

His family was never in good shape, his father is an alcoholic. When he was seven his mother got into a car crash, and didn't make it through surgery. Him and his father are constantly getting into fights about his friends and him skipping school. A recent fight got louder and more violent than usual. His father had hit him, and he has stormed out of the house. He went to the skate park, and that was the first time has had smoked. His addiction to nicotine has gotten worse as time passed.

He has starting skipping school almost everyday, and because of his lack of effort when he goes go he is quickly falling behind in his studies. He has not gotten into trouble with the police, but in school he is getting many detentions.

His easiest way of getting nicotine is smoking, it only takes 7 to 15 seconds to get to his brain and gives him a wave of pleasure and energy. Sadly because of how much he is smoking in the future ha can have premature hair loss, chronic coughing, hearing loss, headaches and stress, and an increased risk of having a stillborn or premature infant. His lack of effort in school also can make it difficult for him to get a job, or go to college.

By: Erin Ellefson


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