Social Labeling:The Preps "Popular" or "Preppy". Is there a difference?

The social label that I decided to research was the "Preppy" group.

Here are some opinions about this social label:

They think they are above everyone else.
They're really studious and usually dress nicely.
I would associate them with being rich.
They're an exclusive group and only let other preps into it.
They are very much judgmental, they gossip and they have to be the best of the best. They're not overly nice people and are seen as air headed and dumb.

Based on this, it entails that Preps are expected to.....

  • ~Act ignorant
  • ~Dress in expensive clothing
  • ~Have a lot of money
  • ~Get everything they want with little effort
  • ~Have many friends but only within the same group
  • ~Have higher grades and go to Ivy League schools
  • ~Act obnoxious

People wouldn't expect to see them with A lower class car or in a lower class school.

Being labeled as a Prep is mostly a negative. Even though they are usually seen this way, there could also be positives. For example, since they are known for going to higher class schools, they would be considered book smart. They get attention that some people might want or wish to have. Overall they would be associated with thinking that they are better than everyone else. They are also known to be going through life using their parents money and not making an effort to get a job to pay for their own needs or wants.

Would you want to associate yourself with someone who only cares about themselves and not the needs of others?

Would you think highly of someone who flaunts their money?

What about putting the time and money into trying to act snobbish and dress expensive like they are perceived?

Many people would assume the word "Preppy" is considered to be a style instead of a clique, while "Popular" is the term used for the person who acts like a Prep.

The definition of "Popular" means "frequently encountered or widely accepted". While the definition of "Prep" means "a student or graduate of an expensive prep school or a person resembling such a student in dress or appearance"(Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Labeling myself

I would label myself as an "A-student" or Academic Overachiever.

I always did well in school even after going through really rough periods in my life. Sometimes it stresses me out because I feel the need to always be getting good grades on everything. My family especially expects me to work my hardest and to get really good grades. Other times I feel like I should only ever do school work compared to my other interests.

How has this impacted me?

  • ~I always push myself harder then I probably should.
  • ~When I don't get a good grade on something, I take it horribly.
  • ~Since everyone around me, expects me to be this way, I feel like I have an obligation to doing well.
  • ~Sometimes it stresses me out way too much.
  • ~I am more driven and motivated to do well.

This label might be an outside eye seeing me this way, but it doesn't define who I am. As much as I love to do well in school, my passions are what make me who I am.

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