HMC Farms holiday red plum

HMC Farms Holiday red plums are one of our favorite fruits of the season. They are sweet, crisp, refreshing, and the perfect end to a delicious stone fruit season. Many have asked if this plum is a cross between a plum and an apple because the flavor and texture seems to be a combination of the two commodities, but the Holiday is a plum through and through. Below you will find recipes, storage tips, and what to look for when selecting a Holiday. From our family to you, we hope you enjoy our plums.

Selection tips

Choose a piece of fruit that is firm without any shriveling, bruising or translucent appearance. The exterior of the Holiday is speckled and ranges in color from greenish red, to a yellowish red to full red. Regardless of the exterior, all plums will have that delicious and juicy Holiday flavor.

Storage tips

The HMC Farms Holiday red plums are one of the few plums we recommend avoiding the refrigerator. The sugar content is much higher than your average plum and the acidity is much lower, this causes the texture to change when the fruit is refrigerated. On the bright side, this plum will hold up on your counter for quite some time, so take your time and enjoy the last of your summer holidays.

Sustainably grown

Every piece of fruit at HMC Farms is grown using sustainable practices. We do our best every day to grow produce that is better for you, better for the Earth, and better for the trees that makes these delicious fruits a possibility.


Our favorite way to enjoy HMC Farms Holiday plums is to simply take a bite out of a ripe, juicy plum, but the bruschetta recipe below is a close second. This recipe also doubles as a delicious salsa if you would prefer to enjoy it with chips instead.


4 - Diced HMC Farms Holiday Plums

1 TBS - Mashed HMC Farms Holiday Plum

4 TBS - Diced green onion

1/4 - Diced red pepper

2 TBS - Basil (or Cilantro if you are making a salsa instead)

2 TBS - Lime juic

1 - Diced jalapeno

1/4 tsp - Chili powder

HMC Farms is a family owned and operated located in California's Central Valley. All produce is grown sustainably, protecting the land, water and people who help us grow and enjoy our product.