Syrian Civil War Why is the Syrian government so threatened by the people?

The Syrian Civil War is a timely revolution to study, so many different parts. For this project I struggled with finding information for the incubation and the convalescences phases. I say the incubation stage because it is difficult separating the incubation with the systematic. Also the war is not over with so there is not much evidence for the convalescence phase. Although some parts were difficult, this revolution is still interesting to learn about. I never knew anything was going on in Syria until I started this project. I chose this revolution because it seemed so tragic, I wanted to know more.

Incubation Phase

The incubation stage is the long-term causes of the revolution. A cause leading to the war was that the people did not like their government/Assad. Assad came to the throne from his older brother getting in a car accident. People did not like him to rule because they think he is an anxious leader, he is not powerful enough to rule. Another cause is the people being arrested and mistreated under Assad commands, this was because of graffiti. People started to protest President Assad, this is also a cause of the war. This is also what lead to the systematic phase.

Children are protesting the authority.
Systematic Phase

The systematic stage is the short-term causes leading up to the crisis phase. A short-term cause of this revolution is the killing, the children who did the graffiti were killed. This did not sit well with the people, but the children were not the only ones being killed. The demonstrators of protest were also killed by Assad's men. Also the people were tired of Assad not doing what he said he would do. He promised economic reformatory, also no more fighting within their country. This did not happen which lead into the crisis phase, the unified country having an internal war.

Crisis Phase

The crisis stage is the stage of the keys points of the revolution. During this time it was fighting within the country. The fighting was between the people that loved president Assad and the people who wanted Assad out of office. For the people who disliked Assad and were "rebels", had chemical weapons used on them and their homes. With this civil war cost money, so many people fled the country (4.5 million). It wasn't only the war that had people leaving, it was also the blockage of food and water. People were starving and thirsty, so they decided to leave.

This is during the crisis phase, their buildings were destroyed.
This is a photo of a child being killed.
Convalescence Phase

The convalescence phase is the final stage, it is the stage of recovery. The people fled the country, even if the country recovers and the fighting stops they probably won't come back. I predict that even in this recovery phase there will still be some kind of conflict, the people don't like President Assad and the fear of doing the same thing over again. Syria will be weaker without the people's support. I also believe that President Assad will eventually be pushed out of office, he is not an absolute monarch, his power comes from the people.

Syrian Civil War vs The French Revolution

The French Revolution have similarities and differences, a good similarity is the leader. During the French Revolution Louis XVI was the leader until January 21, 1793 because he was executed. Like President Assad, Louis XVI was not well liked by the people causing his execution. That is why I believe President Assad will be pushed out of office because Louis XVI was before he died. Another similarity is in-equality, in the French Revolution there were estates (First, Second and Third), third being the lowest. The third estate didn't have the money to buy bread from the taxation and just like in Syria there are a lot of people starving from the blockade of food.

Some differences between the French Revolution and the Syrian Civil War are the reasons for the war/revolution. In the French Revolution it isn't only that they don't like Louis XVI, it is what he is doing. He is taxing the lowest class, not having any money to buy things for themselves and families such as bread. In the Syrian Civil War the people didn't like Assad because he didn't exactly do what they wanted. The people wanted the violence to stop under his command and they wanted more freedom. Assad wouldn't give that up.

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