Life By Jazman for you my PERSONALITY enjoy❣️

This is going to be an adventure you wont forget !!!!!

Psychodynamic perspective-study of the psychological forces that underlie human behavior, feelings, and emotions and how they might relate to early experience.

Regression-is a defense mechanism leading to the temporary or long-term reversion of the ego to an earlier stage of development rather than handling unacceptable impulses in a more adult way.

When I feel life is too hard I sometimes go in my room and hold my teddy dears like I didwhenI was a kid. I still have to cover from when I was a baby and I use it when I just wanna runaway and hide.

Repression-the action or process of suppressing a thought or desire in one selfs so it remains unconscious

When my cousin first died I could reply his death over and over. I could tell you exactly how he died like I was the one who killed him. Now if some was to ask me how it happened I couldn't tell you. I could try but it's like something is missing.

Birth order !!!!

The chronological order of siblings birth in a family

I'm a middle child- I feel like I'm a mixture of all of them because my personality is all over the place. But I feel the middle child describes me the best.

The baby-this baby is everything the last born could say about them

Bay boy& second youngest girl- these to angels also act like they are the only child

Oldest boy (middle child technically)- my poor brother acts just like the last born

Second oldest girl-she acts like an only child

First born-this is so much her

Learned Optimism !!!!!

I passed my constitution test in 7th grade. I was told that I couldn't because I was stupid. And since I had a low grade in social studies I would fail.

I was told that I wouldn't make it to 8th grade boat trip. They said that I wouldn't pass enough classes to qualify to go on the trip. But I passed them all and I not only went on the boat trip but I walked across the stage.

After graduation dinner with friends!!😊

I made it to night school after so many people tried telling me I wouldn't.

The end 🤷🏽‍♀️🤗

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