immigration by sheila mondragon

This is affecting immigrants because they are lossing their jobs. this is affecting my family because my mom is now scared that the I.C.E will brake us apart.

they are all together

i think that the immigrants were slaves 50 years ago and i think that they felt scared and sad at the same time because they hurt'ed them and make them feel like a trash or something.

sad face :-(

i think that the immigrants wont have the rights we do but at least there gonna have more freedom.I think that they will have more freedom and they wont be scared if some one else sees them.


one person who made me think this way was martin luther king he said everyone has the rights to be free the second person was my mom she said family's stick together. they helped me by knowing that the immigrants have all the rights like we do they are humans like us.

we are all alike

one thing that i can do to help is i can protest against trump and be with my family as much as i can and be ready for whatever happens next.

happy family
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Shelia Mondragon Sanchez


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