Storefronts Photography and writing by Hedy Tung, Contributing Photographer


If a store were a person, the storefront would be its face.

Because of COVID, the faces of many New Haven stores have been plastered with CT guidelines, warnings, and signs. The first impressions we get of these shops are no longer composed of the calm ambiance created by the dim lights or the waft of the fresh food being made in the kitchen.

Instead, we see the loud “NO ENTRY WITHOUT MASKS” and “MAXIMUM 10 PEOPLE” signs.

We see the intrusive plastic dividers.

We see the “We’re closed temporarily” and “For Lease” and “We’ve moved away” announcements.

We see the off-putting, boarded-up windows.

No longer do we see New Haven stores’ faces.

Be responsible.

New Haven stores want to be seen again.

Locations photographed: Ashley's Ice Cream, Atticus Bookstore Cafe, ViVi Bubble Tea, Soul de Cuba Cafe, Arethusa Farm Dairy, Book Trader Cafe, Neville Wisdom Design Studio, Panera Bread, The Regal Beagle, ZINC New Haven

Layout by Zoe Berg, Photo Editor


Hedy Tung, Contributing Photographer