Immigration by Ashley cruz

Immigration is when the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. This affects a lot of people because they can be taken away from their family.It may also take people back where they came from, because of skin color or other differences.My family and I are being harmed by this because we don't want to back to mexico we want to be successful in the united states.

The immigration was as worse as today. In 1967 when Cesar Chavez was trying to help. Was when all the immigrants where decided to come to the united to work.although all the immigrants got really bad jobs in farms,and they didn't even get paid.So Cesar Chavez decided to do something about and he helped a lot.

50 years from know it think that immigration will get better I think this because maybe someone better would become the president and will let everyone know that Mexican people be free that there's no problem raise. but i think that a lot of people will protest if this doesn't happen .

Many people today will are begin captured because of the whole thing going with immigration so i really thing that people should really care about others and stop all of this.i feel like everyone are being selfish.


Created with images by Britt Selvitelle - "Immigration Reform Rally"

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