Seeking Relief Students at Paso robles high school find ways to deal with their stress caused by school work. By Rayvin wulfing, student reporter

Ever since the beginning of human history, people have had to deal with stress. From basics like, “what am I going to eat today, and how will I get the food,” to more strenuous things, like war and famine, stress has secretly buried itself in anything. Now a days, there may be many solutions to food access, and are much less wars, but people still struggle with stress.

Adolescents, especially hard working students, are constantly under much pressure and are given high expectations to perform well in school and sports. In our modern age, stress from school work has been increased recently: A survey by the American Psychological Association found that nearly half of all teens — 45 percent — said they were stressed by school pressures.

The increase in stress levels in teens is a concern for all students who endure much stress based on school work, and even more alarming when it can be detrimental to their health: Annu Rev Clin Psychol from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health claims, “Exposure to intense and chronic stressors during the developmental years has long-lasting neurobiological effects and puts one at increased risk for anxiety and mood disorders, aggressive dyscontrol problems, hypo-immune dysfunction, medical morbidity, structural changes in the CNS, and early death.”

Because of the harm caused by stress, students a PRHS have had to find ways to relieve stress that can potentially benefit other students who need the tips.

Hailey Hodel, a freshman at PRHS struggles to meet school assignment deadlines, and combats stress through school work loads and sports activities.

Hailey Hodel, Photo by Rayvin Wulfing

Hodel says she has stress, “all the time, all the time, like literally all the time.¨ and she says, ¨a lot of times I breakdown crying.”

Most of the time school assignments cause the stress and Hodel shares with us why, “Just the fact that I don't know how to do it, or I don't have it done in time.”

While Hodel continues to explain she claims, “It just brings a lot of stress into my life.” Hodel continues,

“ I think that because of school it has lead me to be more stressed about life”

John Seden-Hansen (left) , Hailey Hodel (right), Photos by Rayvin Wulfing

All the time students find themselves stressed out about school...

Camden Tucker, Photo by Rayvin Wulfing

but fortunately there are students like Hodel who have found ways to deal with that stress.

Hodel says, “I play water polo and swim, and it's a big relief cause I know that the stress just gets on my shoulders and I can just focus on swimming and swimming with my friends.¨

Left Picture: Allison Hernandez (front), Hailey Hodel (behind); Right Picture: Hailey Hodel (left), Allison Hernandez (right) Photos by Rayvin Wulfing

Hodel says, “it feels nice to get all that stress off my shoulders.¨

Alike many students, Hodel also explains, “the comfort of my family or sometimes taking a break, or sitting outside or listening to music really helps me.¨

Jordan Priebe, Photo By Rayvin Wulfing

All deal with stress, but there are ways to help relieve that stress and deal with it. Hodel recommends,¨just trying to get the comfort of others- which I think really helps- take breaks, and definitely just push through. Because I know that when I just get it [school work] done, it is so nice to get it off my shoulders, so just try to think positive.¨

Natalie Handly (left), Hailey Hodel (middle), Allison Hernandez (right)

Hodel expresses she relieves stress by playing sports, as well as listening to music. Hodel advises her fellow piers that if they are struggling with stress too, they should find someone to talk about it and “just push through.”

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