Who Am I? By Chloe Davis

Table of Contents
  • Who I Thought I Was
  • CIS Results
  • Careers that Interest Me
  • Required Education
  • My Plans
Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Hard Worker
  • Opinionated
  • Being a leader
  • Finish High School
  • Go to a four year university
  • Get my degree
  • Start my own business
  • Finish High school strong
  • Save $10,000 before I move
  • Stick to one degree
  • Finish within four years
What I Wanted to Be
  • Nurse
  • Business Owner
CIS Results
  • Interest Profiler
  • Work Importance Locator
  • Career Cluster
  • Two High Interest Areas
  • Business (Enterprising): A manager or leader
  • Office Practices (Conventional): Business, Data Processing
Interest Profiler
  • Conventional (20): work activities that follow routines
  • Investigative (18): work activities with ideas and thinking
  • Social (15): work activities that promote learning & personal development
  • Enterprising (12): work that involves staring & carrying our projects
Work Importance Locator
  • Recognition(22): Jobs that have opportunities for adanvement
  • Achievement(21): See results of their work
Career Cluster
  • Finance(12): Keeping track of money
  • Business Management(11): Keep a business in operation
  • Human Services(10): Work to help meet needs
  • Law(10): Enforce law or provide legal services
  • Marketing(10): Help businesses sell products
What Careers Interest Me?
  • Business
Required Education
  • No education required if you start yourslef
  • Can get a degree in Business
  • Business Bachelor's Degree: 4 years
  • Boise State provides an MBA
Options I Can Consider
  • Going to Boise Sate and obtaining my MBA
  • Starting my own business
  • Obtaining my MBA is more appealing
  • Boise State is Ranked Top 20 in West
  • Have online MBA Programs
Companies I'd Consider Working For
  • My own: Deals with internet
  • Franchise: Any just need to run numbers


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