Lake Ontario Press Screen Printing - Graphic Design

Lake Ontario Press is an ever evolving screen printing studio located in W. Irondequoit and run by Matt Saxon.

Lake Ontario Press believes in sharing the art of screen printing through education. Matt teaches screen printing at the Flower City Arts Center and personally has the ability to come to your special event and print on site giving your event participants something special to take home and remember.

Be on the look out for the Lake Ontario Press booth at Festivals throughout the Greater Rochester area!

Runs from 20 to more are available. Call today for a quote at 585-704-7382 or email lakeontariopress@outlook.com.

Be on the look out for Lake Ontario Press shows through out the Greater Rochester area! More events to be posted soon.

January 15 - Scout Printing Event at Flower City Arts Center

February - Featured artist at Sips coffee in Irondequoit

February 7 - Iroquois Art Club Event

February 16, 23 - Intro to Screen Printing at Flower City Arts Center

February 19 - TRAC print event at Flower City Arts Center

March 16, 23 - Intro to Screen Printing at Flower City Arts Center

April 27 - Mayday! Underground at the Village Gate

May 18, 25 - Intro to Screen Printing at Flower City Arts Center

June 1, 2 - Fairport Canal Days

June 8, 15 - Intro to Screen Printing at Flower City Arts Center

July 13 & 14 -Corn Hill Arts Festival

August 3 & 4 -Park Ave Festival

September 7 & 8 -Clothesline Arts Festival at the Memorial Art Gallery

September 14 - Snow Ridge, Bacon, Brews and Blues

September 15 - Artist Row at the Rochester Public Market

September 21 & 22 -Purple Painted Lady Art Festival

October 12-13 -Bristol Mountain Fall Festival

November 5 & 12 - Intro to Screen Printing

November 8-10 - Canandaigua Christkindl Market at the Granger Homestead

December - Events coming soon

Be the first to know where we'll be, receive specials and see new designs! Sign-up for the Lake Ontario Press newsletter today.

Keep your eyes open, we will occasionally have our mobile press out for patrons to try their hand at screen printing!

Add a little something extra to your special event! Custom coasters are always a hit and great keepsake items to remember a special announcement or milestone. Additional quantities available upon request.

The fun of pulling your first print! Learn the art of screen printing today! Sign-up today at the Flower City Art Center or I can come to you and have your group print keepsake items from your event!

As we get into the 2019 season we are currently working toward having a completely water based ink system. Our Riley Hopkins 6/4 press has the ability to print amazing pieces for you and with 20 years in the design business Matt is sure to work up a piece that is just right for your event. Lake Ontario Press always prints every piece by hand. Thanks so much for taking a moment to get to know me better. I hope to see you out there this year! Keep up with Lake Ontario Press on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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