YOU WANNA SEE A SHARK By Giavanna Ledbetter


It's dark. You're by yourself in the tragic water.You see a dark figure streaming right toward you.A fish a eel a octopus?Neither!Do you know what it is?

A SHARK!You freak out!You try to scream then swoosh it swims right by you!Your surprised. You see it dose,t want you.

It wants a seal!You thought it was going to eat you but it didn't!For instance,Sharks in movies such as jaws are a deadly despicable beast!Nope it's not a beast at all!Hearing all those tales about sharks of eating you are F-A-K-E fake!Sharks just eat fish and seal or dolphins!

They just make mistakes and just accidentally think you're a fish or a seal!Let me tell you how they look,where they live,and how they say good bye.


Sharks have 20 outside body parts let me explain them to you.

First there's the saw tooth teeth that make it consume its food!Then there's the fin to help it swim swiftly through the water.The gills are the most important so the shark can breath.And we can't leave out the tail where the shark swims.

Male sharks have something called a (clasper) if you see one then you know it's a male.

Next the...EYE the weakest part of a shark's body.For example,The eye is the most delicate part of the body .One poke at it shark goes a little bit blind.Then the first dorsal fin which helps balance the shark swimming. And the 2nd dorsal fin so it can balance to.

Sharks have an extraordinary body that is very different from other fish.You never know when it,s coming!


Sharks live in salt and fresh water.But mostly you find them in specific salt aggressive waters.There are some sharks that even live in rivers(Mississippi river and the amazons river).Many sharks have different environments.Such as the great white shark they live in salt water.But it can,t live in a river such as the glyph-is shark to.such as the glyph-is shark it can't live in salt water and the bull shark.

For example,if you specifically put the great white shark in the river it would die because it doesn't have the things it needs to survive.Another example is,that the glyphis shark lives in the rivers and it has the things it needs to survive.But if you put it in salt water it would be the same as the great white shark it doesn't have the things it needs to survive.Sharks are a very enlightenment fish you don't usually see every day.This is places where you could find the sharks of the world.Also let me give you a tips to be safe in saltwater areas where sharks live

.Never put anything bloody in the water attracts sharks

.Never bale on other people if there nere a shark

.never shoot it with a spear gun


Sharks have been around since the prehistoric days (dinosaur times).But there are people out there that kill them. For an example,if you see a can that says shark in a can it is not a is real! For example,people kill sharks to make them out of food.For instance,such as soup,meat and other type of foods which is very bad for them going extinct.Another example is...CLOTHING!

Really clothing!Oh yes!Tons of people use clothing like this they even use it on suitcases and more.For example,hats dresses coats even purses!You might wonder are these the only things people do?No!Sometimes people just kill them for fun.

This is very dangerous for the sharks in the real world.As you might now,The most endangered ones are the great white shark,blue shark,whale sharks,scalloped hammerhead,basking shark,dusky shark,angel shark,dagger-nose shark and some others. According , Sharks are not extinct...yet.But if we keep doing this it could get the sharks extinct forever.Will these fish be around for the next time?

Or will you never know about them because they're gone?Will you stop this?

So do you still wanna see a shark!


Tragic:Extreme distress or sorrow

Despicable:Deserving hatred or contempt

Accident:Doing something that you didn't mean to do

Delicate:Very fragile

Extraordinary:Very unusual or remarkable

Specific:Very defined

Aggressive:Very mean

Enlightenment:Being in action

Extinct:Living no more


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