SUMO Citrus is a premium piece of fruit that commands a premium price, but shoppers that care about high-flavor, clamor over the item. Retailers can sell by the pound or the each.

For citrus connoisseurs, this is an exciting time of the year!

Check out some of the awesome displays built so far this year.

SUMO Citrus is a special variety developed in Japan with large mandarin and some orange parentage. The fruit has a distinctive knob at the top and pebbly orange skin that is easy to peel. Inside, the flesh is seedless, extremely sweet and full of delightful mandarin taste, and it sections nicely.

SUMO Citrus, aka SUMO Mandarins or SUMO Oranges, have outstanding flavor and the juiciness is greater than a Clementine but not as juicy as a typical Navel Orange – so they’re perfect for snacking without the need for a knife.

Talk to your sales rep or merchandiser to get this delicious piece of fruit in your produce department!