Shark Attack Camille Seminet

My family went swimming on top of a canyon. It was slightly elevated and had a view of rolling orange canyons, no civilization. There were other strangers visiting and swimming too. My dad, sister, and me were swimming in the swimming hole. The water was almost clear and calm and fresh, but there were some waves. Suddenly I heard my sister screaming and looked around and other people were running out of the water and motioning everyone to get out. I looked around to see my dad engulfed by a wave and eating by a large shark that was coasting in the wave. The wave hit me right after and I was super close to the shark, but swam quickly out of the water. Next I remember being in a building with 360 glass windows, I think it was the next day. I was with my mom, sister, and grandma (my mom´s mom) plus other random business-looking people. The building was not in the middle of nowhere like the canyon, it was in civilization far away from the canyon and it kind of looked like the DFW airport. I remember being so sad and engaged in my dream that I thought it was real. We were led to a big, like lawyer room with a long table and prestigious people sitting around it. I don´t know why but I was asked to write a list of my dad´s will, but I was uncontrollably crying. Then I woke up to find myself crying in bed. This is the first time this has ever happened to me.


#1 Dad's death by shark attack: Every summer, my family goes to the beach. My dad is a swimmer and for exercise he swims really far out into the ocean, and my family is always worried about sharks. Our shared anxiety about my dad's swimming could have been a foreshadowing of this dream.

#2 Top of the canyon: When I was little, my family took a trip to Mexico to visit my grandpa. We took a day trip to an inactive volcano that had a swimming hole at the top. There was a myth that there was a whirlpool in the middle of the water, but my dad ignored this and swam far out anyways. Soon enough, a random guy and my grandpa was yelling at my dad in Spanish to get out of the water, scared that the whirlpool was real. The early event in my life could have triggered a symbol in my dream of continued worry about my father.

#3 Writing the will: Because it is not a thing to have to right your parent's will when they die, I'm not sure why it happened in my dream. I think this event occurred because it symbolizes the stress and pressure that death weighs on people's shoulders, even after they have already died. Since it was my responsibility to write my dad's will, and not my mom's or sister's, it could symbolize my strong bond with my dad.

#4 Crying: The fact that I woke up crying leads me to believe that I do not cope with death easily, and due to the recent passing of a friend, I think it could symbolize my mind trying to prepare me for others' deaths. I have never had a family member close to me pass away, but because I am aware that I don't cope well with death, my mind could be trying to prepare me.

Dream Meaning

Psychoanalytic: I think that this dream represents my hidden unconscious fears, in which it was a rare dream where I actually remembered most of the details. Since the dream definitely triggered fear in me, the fact that I was woken up by my own distraught sadness. A big fear of mine, I think, is the death of a loved one. So my dad's death, brought on by such a traumatic and frightening event, caused unbearable sadness in me. As well as my dad's prominence in the dream, it also stuck out to me that the setting took place in an environment similar to the standard windows screensaver that is always on my dad's desktop, and that the event was similar to a real life event that occurred in Mexico when I was younger (biological view).


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