Welcome to Motion Factory LLC. We are a boutique Los Angeles based media company, formed by established artists from within the entertainment industry. We specialize in modular video content that adapts to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and various online delivery systems. From reformatting existing advertisements for social media, to injecting life into older assets, or even generating entirely new content, we build effective branded content for the modern age.

Motion Factory is a Facebook Blueprint Company. We are trained and certified to implement the best practices and delivery methods for your online content.

We have been doing this for 20+ years. Our clients range from some of the biggest brands in the world to the most established networks in the entertainment business. We have an intense understanding on how to craft moving images and can often produce results that far exceed your budget.

We create original branded content, motion graphics, animations and social media ads for agencies and independents across the spectrum.

Through the Mobile Works program, we can modify your existing ad content into new aspect ratios and then optimize that content to ensure that you receive the best performance on all social media platforms.

Photos from some of our past productions.


At Motion Factory LLC we have a modern approach to production:

  • We keep our team lean.
  • We work on a project to project basis.
  • We are technology driven with no brick and mortar locations.
  • We have an intense understanding of visual effects, animation and graphics.
  • We are highly trained in the best practices for successful social media advertising.

Overhead expenses? What overhead expenses? Our monthly costs to operate as a business lie in our insurance costs alone. Because of this, we can undercut most production companies operating today. Motion Factory LLC is essentially a deep network of skilled artisans, led by a single creative director, that all come together for your production.

We are free to focus on YOUR project.


Derek Doublin is not just a suit and a tie. He owns a lot of ties, but most of his ties have been ruined while working on set. He is a creative director that is always actively working and understands all aspects of production.

Derek has worked in the entertainment and production industry for over 25 years. He is a former director for ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live and a producer for the NBA. He has been the head cinematographer for the National Sierra Club for the past 8 years and produces documentaries and editorial content for Sierra Magazine. He is a highly skilled, visual artist that has spent his entire life learning and developing his craft.

On his off-time, Derek is a multi-faceted artist that works in a variety of unusual mediums, most notably designing and building large scale art sculptures and installations for The Coachella Music Festival, Pandora Music Festival and Burning Man. His large scale art has earned him endless praise from publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine, The Huffington Post and The Los Angeles Times.


Due to the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of commercial spam programs, bots and internet scanners, we no longer publish our company address or telephone information. To learn more about Motion Factory, please contact us through our email.

You can reach us at info @ motionfactory.com.

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