Life of a Blue Tick Hound Dog By Ryan Dettlinger

The Blue tick hound dog was meant for hunting. They are athletic, hardy and should stay active such as running, or hunting in order to stay happy. They could sometimes be difficult to train because of there urge to smell and hunt. They were originally call the English Coon Hound. They were originated in The south, Louisiana. They are not meant to be in an apartment and need an open field with a loving and active family. These dogs are unique in there own way. When they are born they each have a different howl.

The dogs have the body of a speedy well-muscled dog. They have a high posture and are very healthy. There nutrition is important from birth to when there old. They are also one of the smartest breed of dogs

This article explains the Necessities of the dog and how they need love. It explains there body weight and there activity level. They adapted very easily to out door and indoor areas.

The training process of these dogs at sometimes can be difficult. They get very distracted by smells and little noises.
These dogs make fine house pets. The only thing is that they have to have an open yard for running. I found on many websites that people like having them around because they can spot a dead rodent very easily. One great thing about having this dog as a family pet is that they love little children.

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