Mash & Brew is a Craft Brewery which is built within a fully functional Arcade reminisce of 80's and 90's Pop-Culture and style.

Mash & Brew was created after recognizing a need for a socially acceptable atmosphere for video gamers to interact and engage outside of their comfort zones. The concept and brand Mash & Brew is the product of a series of events, research, and project development over Gonzalo’s senior year of college.

The Thinker

Gonzalo has dealt with personal anxiety and social development issues since his childhood. He has used video games as a place for both solace and stress release to escape the issues in his everyday life. Playing games with friends in person, rather than just online, and taking the first steps to trying new experiences has helped him come out of his shell and develop into the social person he is today. Mash & Brew is a place for people like Gonzalo to break out of their routines, take comfort in the games they love, and try a few beers with new friends.

Taking two

Our Product

Mash & Brew provides the services of a brewery that is built within a fully functional arcade.
There are several different areas for gaming including a Pinball gallery.
A competition platform that can be seen from the entire facility.
A classic stand up arcade stage in the center
The brewery will have a bar area for individuals and small groups
seating section for larger groups to gather and relax.
Mash & Brew provides these services as well as an overall atmosphere to its clients.
3D Model of Mash & Brew interior
360 Degree walkthrough of Mash & Brew
  • Click and drag ( or use arrow keys on keyboard) on this video as it plays to move your viewpoint at any time even while it is paused. (currently only working on computers or Youtube mobile app)
Cool Down Zone

Our Clients

The Silent Gamer

The Crushable Craft Crusader

The Life of the Party

How will we reach our clients?

Marketing Strategy

Mash and Brew Collateral

Mash and Brew Labeling
Mash & Brew Swag - on site

Mash & Brew promotional material

Mash & Brew Craft Brewery ads
Mash & Brew Poster
Mash & Brew - Social Anxiety ads

Unique Value

Mash & Brew is a unique solution to the problem of bringing adult gamers aged 21 and over out of their homes breaking free from their social anxiety and enjoying a fresh beer. The new brews will draw craft beer enthusiasts and bring them together with video game players to form new friendships in a relaxing and judgement free environment.

‘Grown ups’ are expected to be able to go out and socialize at bars, clubs, or other locations that revolve around large crowds. However, not everyone is fit for this particular type of social lifestyle. Instead, a lot of people with social anxiety turn towards gaming and staying home to do so. Even if they wanted to try going out on the town, there is not a place for people to come and socialize without the scrutiny of fitting in or being a part of a ‘normal’ social construct.
A lot of people with social anxiety turn towards gaming and staying home to do so.
Mash & Brew offers an exceptionally valuable experience to craft beer enthusiasts, video gamers new and experienced, as well as those looking to engage in social activities in a safe environment.
Anyone looking to relax and enjoy themselves has something to gain and benefit from here, as there is no shortage of activities or a lack of variety in brews. Video gamers with general anxiety that are looking to find a way to socialize with other fellow gamers would benefit the most from Mash & Brew.


No other business out there right now provides this specific type of entertainment and socially accepting environment. Mash & Brew is a unique solution to the problem of bringing gamers out of their homes while breaking free from their social anxiety and enjoying a fresh beer. There are several similar businesses that provide arcade and video games as entertainment or a space to fresh enjoy craft beer, but no space allows for both simultaneously.


The primary competitor business to Mash & Brew is a small chain of arcade bars called Barcade located in New York City. At Barcade, one could sit and enjoy a brew from their extensive beer list at the bar or play one of dozens of classic stand-up arcade machines. While this establishment may have similar features to Mash & Brew, there is one very distinct difference between the two establishments.

Barcade does not produce their own beverages on site. They focus more on importing beers from breweries across New York and in the general New England area.

Dave & Buster's

Mash & Brew does face competition from the large family style gaming business with bars and restaurants inside of them. There are a few of these chains in the New York area, but for the purposes of this assignment, Dave & Buster’s will be used as a more specific example. Dave & Buster’s is a large facility that hosts adults and their families who are looking to play games, have fun, and eat a meal together. They also hold birthday parties and corporate events for visitors looking to gather and celebrate a special occasion together with games, drinks, and food.

Other competitors to consider for Mash & Brew are the hundreds of craft breweries that seem to be popping up regularly across the United States right now. Craft beer is trending and there seem to be new locations with new themes popping up in every neighborhood. With competition like that, Mash & Brew will have to ensure and enforce strict brew standards to keep up with local competition.

Cultural Relevance

In order for Mash & Brew to be a successful business enterprise, Mash & Brew had to define the culture they are targeting. They did this by interviewing many young adults at least 21 years of age that would be considered ideal customers of Mash & Brew. These individuals were found online through Google Surveys, social media posts, at gaming conventions, at breweries, and even at local bars across Long Island. All of the responses were considered as to how they could help cultivate the environment Mash & Brew is meant to embody.

Questions during the interview process ranged from what a potential customer likes to do for fun, to how far they would be willing to travel to find a new hang out, and even asked if they ever felt uncomfortable going out because of social anxiety. Finding about how potential customers prefer to spend their time would allow Mash & Brew to create an accepting environment in the community for everyone and create events that would attract a regular crowd.

Retail dollar sales of craft beer increased 6%, up to $29.3 billion, and now account for more than 25% of the $116.0 billion U.S. beer market.
Craft beer production increase in sales in billions
I haven’t tried craft beer but if given the opportunity I would. I enjoy arcade games, they have a special place in my heart.
I would like to be able to visit a place like that where there are arcade games but its more geared towards adults then kids and the video game theme definitely makes it special.
Survey and Interview data
Dave & Buster’s are for kids and parents. I have visited arcades. I would definitely see myself going to a place that themed after video games which also produces their own brand of craft beer and would travel to get there.

Concept to Visual Toolkit

The logo for Mash & Brew was created to mimic the bright and attractive neon lights of a classic 80’s arcade. The soft glow around the edges is also reminiscent to neon signs seen in bars and restaurants from those times as well. The look is a modern take on old school style. The original logos have evolved tremendously since their creation, working from an enclosed box style look to the more dynamic final version seen now.

Color variations for black and white purposes do not need to use the glow effect seen in the color versions. This slight variation is still consistent with the overall branding style, but creates a much cleaner look for specific printing and legibility purposes.

The typography for Mash & Brew was also specifically selected to communicate the brand style and energy to potential consumers. There are several approved typefaces used throughout Mash & Brew’s branding in order to communicate different messages and establish hierarchy in their advertisements.
The main typeface used for advertisements and large headlines Neon Future, which can also be seen in the Mash & Brew logo. This font is only to be used as a display typeface.
The Avenir Next family is used in a few areas depending on the need. It is used as the body copy typeface and the bold headline. This clean font allows for easy reading of larger blocks of text with consistent headlines.
Screaming Neon is also used for occasional sub headlines as well to create contrast.
Created By
Gonzalo Godinez