Jordan By: Ahmed


I chose Jordan because i'm interested and Want to learn mOre about it

About Jordan

Population: 5,906,760

Language : Arabic

Goverment type: Constitutional Monarchy

Amman is the capital of Jordan

Climate: summer 26-49

In winter the average temperature is 7

Religion; Islam and Christianity

The Currency: Jordanian Dinar


It contains tombs and temples carved into into pink sandstones cliffs , its nickname is the rose city

The Dead Sea

It is very salty

It is the lowest point on dry land

It's water makes floating easy , and its mineral rich black mud is used for health treatment and beauty.

Jordanian women wear long dress called dishdasheh

Handmade colored threads

Traditional food is called Mansaf its lamb cooked in a sauce called Jameed and served with rice

Jordan resources

Jordan produces a big amount phosphate arocks

Jordan celebrates its independence March 25


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