Elements of Art Justin Siu

Lines are undefined, perceptions of your mind, that supplement life. They don't exist.

Textures are fundamental in stimulating the visual sense and touch. Every surface consists of textures, each being important and unique. Life without varying textures would feel boring and abhorring.

Space is two sides in a place. One is positive, focuses on what matters. The other is negative, simply the opposite. Nevertheless, both components work in unison to create an everlasting impression...

A three-dimensional shape, that is form. Takes up space, like it should. If it doesn't, its not form.

Different hues from different views. Colors depend on objects and light. They evoke many distinctive emotions, some different and some alike. Without light, colors would be nonexistent.

Colors have light and dark counterparts. Value is what defines this remark. And many more variations exist within such an array of tones.

Shapes are two-dimensional, unlike form. They can be geometrical or organic, nothing more. While the limitations of 2D are present, expression and interpretation is unlimited.

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