Inject Creativity Live Wednesday 23rd September 2020

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Joining us tonight...

Peter Hutton


Future Schools Alliance


The origins of our current education system, and why our needs have evolved.

Source: Peter's presentation
The old production [in education] model was built for a linear world.

Peter discussed how the proof that things are not working as intended during the industrial revolution is evidenced in how depression and disengagement impacts our students and wider culture.

The COVID Opportunity

Reimagining education is more possible than it might have been before the pandemic. A sense of community has been restored, and being moved to remove learning has opened possibilities and disruption that could have some very positive impacts on how people think about how people can learn.

A deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment is possible when we are directors of our own life story, and not just another cog or piece of the production line.

Peter encouraged us to think about embracing fulfilment, as he poses that disenfranchised and detached people create a real social cost - individually, economically, as well as the lost potential of those individuals.

Source: Peter's presentation

Students are in school for 1000 hours a year - this (with breaks) equates to about 12-15% of their waking hours are spent in school.

How do we maximise student enthusiasm and engagement with schools, and create an environment where they are keen to be in school, learn new things, and take what they learn into their out-of-school communities?

Create the environment to allow the student right to direct their own life and find their own fulfilment.

and now...

Kesh Chinia

Senior Digital Solutions Teacher

The Southport School on the Gold Coast

GUI App Design in Adobe XD

This was the first time Kesh's students used XD, and the second ever time that Kesh delivered this to a group of students.

His students designed a promo and an app. The first app he demonstrated was from a student that created an app about golf in XD, with all of the graphics designed using Adobe Illustrator. Another app he showed about basketball in the local area had data pulled in from Google Sheets. Yet another was designed to help Debate teams prep and practice for competition. Another again was a student who created an app to help them study for their History subject.

Source: Kesh's presentation - left to right, the Basketball app, the Debating app and the History Study app.

Kesh works to teach his students to design and be creative, scaffolding those skills to encourage creativity in projects as they move from the lower grades and into the upper and senior school. He also creates Journals in Adobe Spark Page. He kindly shared some of these with us during his presentation, with topics such as Graphic Design, Prototyping and UI Design.

Kesh then gave us a demo of the prototype options available in XD.

Source: Kesh's presentation - XD contains lots of format options.

He showed us how to use the artboard to create simple shapes for each. I really enjoyed his approach in having prepared his content ahead of time to pull the 'draft' content cleanly from a document and on to his artboard.

Source: Kesh demonstrated how to add a simple profile image using a shape and photo. Above you can see him changing the title content (far left artboard) from what he pulled from his pre-prepared document.
Source: Kesh's presentation also included how the Google Sheets plugin (far left) allows you to pull data across into your build.
Finding content can be daunting, but [Kesh] has tried to find [and curate] resources that are the most helpful.

Useful Tools, shared by Kesh

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