Bank of America Global Markets Summer Associate Program

Who Are They: Bank of America is an international firm that deals in financial services and banking that operates in all 50 U.S. states and in 40 other countries

Bank of America is the second largest bank in the United States and is considered to be a member of the Big Four banking firms

The company acquires over 5,000 banking centers and over 16,000 ATMs world wide

According to their CEO, Brian T. Moynihan, Bank of America simply wants to better the lives of those the company touches throughout the world

In 2008, Bank of America acquired Merrill Lynch making the company the #1 wealth management firm in the market


  • Revenue (2015): $82.5 Billion USD
  • Total Assets (2016): $2.185 Trillion USD
  • Net Income (2015): $15.89 Billion USD
  • Total Equity (2015): $256.2 Billion USD
The Position: I am currently interested in Bank of America's Global Markets Summer Associate Program located in New York, New York for the summer of 2017

The position will allow me to work in real time and analyze global markets to make business decisions for teams that will use data obtained by myself and others who will work along my side

I chose to go after this position in the hopes that the position will help me gain real world knowledge about world markets and economies in order to make myself competitive for not only the Masters in International Business program here at UF, but also allow me to already have experience in international business when I further my career

Even though Bank of America took a steep fall in 2009, the company continues to grow and expand its reach throughout the world

I feel working for a large corporate bank that continues to reach new heights, I will be able to learn much about the corporate world around me and make me into a successful and well rounded businessman

I am excited to see what the future will offer me if this internship actually becomes reality. My interests in banking, finances, world markets, and international business will all be further enhanced through the experiences with this company and position.

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Eric Quinn


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